Silka Deer Bucks Facing Each Other in Nara, Japan. Free picture for Your Blog or Web Article.

Deer Bucks Facing Each Other

About the Image

There is a place in Japan, where you can see over a 1000 deers on the streets and parks. This place is called Nara, a city located very close to Kyoto.

I don’t know how many places are there in the world with deers walking on the streets like humans, and treated with respect and love, if at all there is any other place like Nara in Japan.

In Nara city you can find over a 1000 deers, and they are so cute and friendly. They are wild animals, and if you feed them they will certainly try to get more food from you. Oh, and they bow when they come to you, so don’t forget to bow to them as well.

On the picture we have two deer bucks (if I’m not wrong), and they are silka deers. Facing each other, trying to figure out who’s the stronger one. It was a quick moment of play, I’m happy I could take a picture of, and I really love this picture of deer bucks.

I highly recommend visiting Nara city when you’re traveling to Japan and are going to Kyoto, cause it’s a very close city and it’s perfect spot for a day trip. If you’re traveling with kids, they will certainly love the animals, who doesn’t right? I love them too.

Feel free to download and use this picture on your blog or web article, might be a great fit for those promoting Nara but should match anything animals, or deers related. If you decide to use the image, don’t forget to add a proper attribution.

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Silka Deer Bucks Facing Each Other in Nara, Japan. Free picture for Your Blog or Web Article.

Silka Deer Bucks Facing Each Other.

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