Elfin Lakes Hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park

Hike to Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park is simply saying, one of my favorite hikes in British Columbia. There are many wonderful hikes in BC, but why I find Elfin Lakes hike so special? Because it’s great for photography!

Garibaldi Provincial Park is beautiful and I wish I could explore it more. So far I had a chance to enjoy two hikes in this park, Garibaldi Lake hike and a hike to Elfin Lakes. I know it’s not much, but it’s simply because I was so in love with Garibaldi Lake hike, that anytime I had a chance I used to always go there.

But one day we took a trip to Elfin Lakes, and yes… it was a great choice. To quickly compare two of them, the main difference is that Garibaldi Lake hike is approximately 80% in the forest and Elfin Lakes hike is quite the opposite. So when you’re about to take a trip focusing on photography I believe Elfin Lakes might be a better choice. Forest trail of Garibaldi Lake will offer you protection of the trees against the harsh sun so you shouldn’t worry about sunburn. But please, find time to enjoy them both cause they both are amazing, and I’m not sure which I would choose for an overnight stay if that’s under your consideration.

In this post, I’m about to share some photographs from Elfin Lakes hike, so you know how it looks… at least on pictures.

Images from Hike to Elfin Lakes

Mountain Peak on the Way to Elfin Lakes

Walking Elfin Lakes trail you will meet beautiful sceneries, some mountain tops like this one. Oh, you can actually download this picture of mountain-top for free and use it on your blog or web article!

Mountains & Trees on the way to Elfin Lakes

and some more mountains, partially covered by trees but the view is still amazing. You can also download this picture of mountains for your blog!

But it’s not covered everywhere. You will be able to see beautiful wide open landscapes…

Mountain Landscape

Elfin Lakes Trail

As you can see, the trail is beautiful but you won’t be able to hide from sun, so don’t forget about sunscreen or be prepared to get a little sunburned.

Uphill Mountain Road to Elfin Lakes

Most of the trail is like a mountain road, covered with stones and as most hiking trips, you will have to go uphill. I heard some people find this hike a little challenging, but I wouldn’t say it’s that bad.

Hikers on the Way Back from Elfin Lakes

Unless you’re going for an overnight stay and you’re carrying one, heavy backpack. But still… it’s not that bad, trust me!

Road & Mountains

The road is full of beautiful views and you never know what’s waiting for your around the corner.

It could be quite flat road with an amazing view…

Mountain & Curvy Road to Elfin Lakes

or something like that…

Beautiful View : Elfin Lakes

You can actually get that picture of mountain road and mountains on print!

Did I mention you can meet a bear on the way there? Sounds scary, right? 😉

Brown Bear Elfin Lakes

Also these beautiful birds, they are just wonderful, Whisky Jacks (or Grey Jays)! Be careful, they are also called camper thiefs, cause they would take your food away if they had a chance. But we all know that we should not feed the wildlife!

Grey Jay on a tree

Two Whisky Jacks

But we continue the journey to Elfin Lakes, one more hill and who knows what’s behind…

Big Mountains and Mountain Road

Want to get this big mountain & mountain road on print?

Just like this hiker, we are almost there!

Hiker on his way to Elfin Lakes

Anyway, we continue our journey… and here they are Elfin Lakes!

Elfin Lakes and Stones

Elfin Lakes & Mountain Road

Let’s enjoy some more shots taken around Elfin Lakes, rangers house and beautiful, really beautiful camping side just behind the lakes. Later on, I will give some more details about the hike for those interested in enjoying this beautiful adventure.

Elfin Lakes : View from the Top

Elfin Lakes : Rangers House

Beautiful Water in Elfin Lakes

Here is beautiful campground around Elfin Lakes, I bet the sunrise & sunset there must be amazing!

Elfin Lakes Campground

Elfin Lakes Campground

Elfin Lakes Campground

Here is a view of a mountain just next to campground in Elfin Lakes…

Elfin Lakes Mountains in Front

I hope my images inspired you to leave the “concrete jungle” and head for this amazing hike to Elfin Lakes. The hike itself is 22 km long (there and back), so it might be a quite a distance for some, but it’s certainly worth it. It’s a moderate hike, you will have to battle some hills but you will also walk downhill or on a flat land. When you get to the lakes, you can have a refreshing swim in one of the lakes (the other one is for drinking water), and the swim feels amazing! I have posted one picture of a bear, but I was lucky enough to meet around 5 bears on the way (it was my dream for a long time to see wild bears).

In case you did the hike because of my images here, would be great if you could comment or send me an e-mail with your experience! I would love to hear from you.

How to Get to Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park

It should take less than 2 hours to get to Elfin Lakes if you’re driving from Vancouver, BC.

It’s located near Squamish, so you would take Trans Canada Highway #1 and switch to Highway #99 near Horseshoe Bay. The easiest way is to just follow direction provided by Google on how to get there. You can see how to get there from Vancouver but if you’re heading there from different destination, just edit “from” field.

Remember to not leave any valuables in your car on a parking lot there before heading to a trail.

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Elfin Lakes Hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada

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