Harbour Air Seaplane

Harbour Air Seaplane

Today I’m sharing a picture of a Harbour Air Seaplane, an airline that operates in Vancouver since 1982. It covers Lower Mainland and it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a quick flight from Vancouver to Victoria and some other destinations around Vancouver, BC.

Harbour Air Seaplane

There is a chance you took at least once in your life a flight with one of the big airlines that fly between big cities and they operate on big airports. However, have you ever used any other airline that covers small distances and operates on water? Personally I have never traveled in those planes, however one day I certainly will. It’s very affordable when it comes to pricing (less than $100 for a flight) and it gives you an unique experience, plus I don’t think you need to be there 3 hours before the flight to catch it. It’s fast and easy way to get to final destination quickly. Today I’m sharing this picture of Harbour Seaplane which you can catch next to Convention Centre in Vancouver’s downtown and as you can see the picture was taken when sunset was taking place. Enjoy this image for free if you want to use it within your blog post or webpage.

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