Harbour Air Seaplane

Harbour Air Seaplane

Akward Description:

Today I’m sharing a picture of a Harbour Air Seaplane, an airline that operates in Vancouver since 1982. It covers Lower Mainland and it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a quick flight from Vancouver to Victoria and some other destinations around Vancouver, BC.

There is a chance you took at least once in your life a flight with one of the big airlines that fly between big cities and they operate on big airports. However, have you ever used any other airline that covers small distances and operates on water? Personally I have never travelled in
those planes, however one day I certainly will.

Maybe they will invite me to take a flight for free so I can take some photos from the air. Haha. It’s called, imagination.

It’s not promotional, but well. If I post a picture of a Harbour Air Seaplane it’s proper to explain what are they about, and I believe it could be interesting for some of you.

I believe all of the flights are under $100 dollars, Canadian dollars! Sometimes quite like half of it. I’m quite sure the experience of being on that plane must be quite amazing. If you want to check the prices or more information about it, here is Harbour Air Seaplanes website.

Comment and share your experience, if you were on board.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk / Sprayedout.com

Harbour Air Seaplane

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