Speedboat at Sunset : Tsawwassen Beach

Speedboat at Sunset in Tsawwassen Beach

Akward Description:

Who doesn’t like sunsets, right? Maybe the same ones that don’t like sunrises. Who cares, I love them both.

But it doesn’t mean I wake up to see them, at least less often than sunsets. Anyway, here is a picture of this nice looking speedboat, with beautiful background where sun was just setting out or not sure if that’s the proper way to call it. So let’s just says “sunset”. Oh and yes, I almost forgot about mountains in the back, silhouette of the mountains. Cause you need to know that when I’m describing it, I just have text editor open.

Of course, you can download this free picture… for free. Small, funny joke. Right? Use it on your blog if you find fit for it, and I’m sure you will. I hope it will serve you well. You can just scroll to the FREE DOWNLOAD button and just grab it, cause I’m planning to write some more about the image, but why would you be interested in reading it. Good point.

Sunsets are great for photography, not because sunsets look great on images. Oh yes, it’s a perfect time to photograph. But there is something more behind it. We just love more to enjoy a sunsets. Moments where the time stops for a moment, or if the time doesn’t stop it certainly slows down an inch or two. We certainly prefer to enjoy sunsets in life, however that’s why we also love photographing sunsets, cause it brings back the feeling of those moments, when we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. And everytime it’s different. So that’s also why we love photography. If for some reason you would like to know where it was taken from around Fred Gingell Park in Tsawwassen, Delta, Canada. Beautiful beach, great sunset, mountains silhouette and this cool speedboat, all in one picture. Haha.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk / Sprayedout.com

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