Speedboat at Sunset : Tsawwassen Beach

Speedboat at Sunset in Tsawwassen Beach

Who doesn’t like sunsets, right? I guess we all do however, we do not often have time to enjoy it, thanks to the speed of life. However, here I come and I’m sharing with a photo of a speedboat taken at sunset in Tsawwassen beach, so feel free to use it on your blog if needed.

Sunsets and sunrises are great times to go out and enjoy photography. I’m certainly more of an evening person, so I find hard to wake up before sunrise, so I usually choose sunsets. This picture was taken from a very nice beach in Tsawwassen, I love to go there as it’s a quiet place where you can enjoy photography buy also some time alone to gather some thoughts but also relax. In this post, I’m sharing an image of a speedboat shot at sunset in Tsawwassen. Feel free to download it and use it on your blog. Do you like speedboats or sunsets? Maybe both?

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