Decomposed Leaf : Picture for Your Blog

Decomposed Leaf

Decomposed leaf, beautiful nature from closeup view. Free image for you to download and use on your blog. A quote or copy would be suitable for this image. Visit to download this picture of a decomposed leaf.

red, orange leaves on the ground

Leaves on the Ground

Akward Description: Fall, favorite season for many photographers. Certainly, the colors and simply “everything” what relates to fall is just… beauty of nature, being reminded every year, lucky us. Many different trees, many different leaves, many different colors, many different timings – Autumn is a beautiful season, for photography… my favorite. Enjoy beautiful red, orange, […]

bike locker in the fall

No Bikes in Autumn?

Akward Description: Autumn, beautiful season for photography, and it seems not so famous when it comes to… bikes. Certainly not the worst season, either. I guess it’s a great season to just jump on a bike and go on a photo shooting journey. Here is a free picture of a bike rack, close-up view of […]