Picture of Dead Leaves on a Tree

Tree with Dead Leaves

Seasons, something I could not live without. As I love spring and summer, I cannot live without fall and winter. Especially during autumn we can witness changing colors of leaves, very vibrant season, however during winter most of the leaves are like those on the picture, sad, dry and very melancholic.

Picture of a Dead Leaves on a Tree

This shot was taken in the middle of winter and for my surprise they were still hanging on a tree. Surprised, because we had a lot of snowfall this winter and it’s hard to imagine how such a small tree could keep these leaves still hanging, while many other trees were simply “bold”. Seasons, especially like fall bring us to time of reflection, winter however not so much. Maybe it’s because we all know that spring is just around the corner and we already know that the nature will wake up from a deep sleep. Please enjoy this free picture, download it and use it on your blog for free if you find fit for it. There is sadness and beauty in this image I hope you like it as I do.

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