Hi, my name is Luke and welcome to my website!

Just a little story behind the website and me.

What I’m doing here is simply sharing my images so you can use them on your blog, for free, and all I’m asking for is just an attribution (link back from your page), quite like free-stock images just with attribution.

I remember when I was younger and just starting in an online world, it was hard to afford to buy images to use on my blog, and I had no camera or time and an opportunity to take a picture of something I needed.

Plus I always enjoyed sharing things for free with people, cause the world is just a little nicer place that way.

So someway I always planned that one day I will be able to share my images (as I’m a passionate photographer) with folks that need them and they can’t afford to pay for images or simply don’t feel like it.

Here is the project, where I share my images so you can use them on your blog and I hope you will enjoy them.

Maybe an attribution bothers you, I hope not! I believe it’s a great thing for you and me as well.

Why for me?
Cause I really put a lot of my time just to share with you images that are free to use, and when I see people using my images and crediting me back, it really helps me to stay motivated and keep shooting for you.

On the other side, when I see people just taking images and using them with no attribution… well, it’s little saddening but I guess that’s life, right?

Why is an attribution great for you?
There are quite a few websites that share free-stock images that do not require attribution, and trust me, they share great images! They are doing a great job!

Sometimes, however, you may run into a problem of using an image that have been used by thousands of people. It may not be a problem for you, but sometimes you may want to use an image that haven’t been “overused”. And as some don’t want to use images that require an attribution, with those images you actually may have more of a unique picture on your blog.

Plus you really are a kind person and you want to share your love by attributing a photographer and if you’re crazy and ultra kind you may also consider buying me a coffee, as it’s better to shoot with caffeine inside (don’t judge me for that, please!).

Coffee option is available under every single image I share with you, or to make it easier, also here – buy me a coffee. As coffee sounds great, you certainly shouldn’t feel obligated to get me one!

So, I hope you’ll enjoy quite like free-stock images and they will make your blog prettier.

Just on the side note…

I have been working with websites for quite a while, so I also share some tips when it comes to blogging and running a website. As I have quite some experience in online marketing and I love to travel and inspire people to travel I decided to share those things with you as well… It’s my training ground to practice writing as I certainly need improvement there.

Thanks for checking my about me page!