Free Nature Pictures for Bloggers: Mountains & Landscapes

Free Pictures of Nature for Bloggers

Here it is, my collection of nature pictures. A place where you will find free images that cover scenic landscapes, mountains and lakes for hiking lovers but also sunsets.

Nature is very special to me, but I believe there are tons of people that feel at peace when spending time with it.

When I’m about to head out to enjoy a nice hike, go for a walk to the forest or enjoy a scenic sunset on the beach while listening to ocean waves, I usually have a camera with me so I can not only enjoy my time but also take a picture that I can, later on, share here with you.

Online you can find many beautiful photographs of nature, and they often inspire us to be out there more often, so I also hope my photographs will inspire you to spend more time with nature and in case if you need free images for your blog, web article or maybe just wallpaper on your phone or desktop; you can enjoy any image you want.

In case if you feel like you’re stuck behind a computer for way too long, but have no time to get up and just go for a walk, you may want to check my images with quotes about nature, I believe they can release some stress and tension from our bodies.

This collection is constantly growing so please visit from time to time to find new images, so for that, I would recommend you to pin this collection or bookmark it; in case if you could forget about it.

Most of the images you will find here were taken in Canada (British Columbia to be more exact), but it doesn’t mean you won’t find photographs from other places in the world in here.

Check also my collection of autumn & leaves images if you are in need of nature pictures that are related to the autumn season.

Enjoy the collection and I hope you will find images that suit your blog post or other needs, do not forget to add appropriate attribution and if you feel like being generous, you can buy me a coffee – there is a button for that on each image page.

Collection of Free Images of Nature