Birch-Trees in a forest on a foggy day in winter.

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Time for nature, a countryside nature filled with trees, birch-trees to be exact. It was winter when the picture was taken in a beautiful country of Poland.

Nature offers so much to us, human beings. It gives, gives and never takes. Sharing its love and abundance with all of us.

On one side, it provides us with food to sustain life, but it also has healing powers, on a more subtle, soul levels.

I remember reading about a study that said when people live surrounded by trees they live longer. Don’t remember now how much longer, but the most important thing is just to know – they extend human life.

Here I share the picture of birch-trees, they are in many forests in Poland, but I believe they can be found quite anywhere in the world.

They are beautiful and their white bark made them easy to recognize.

This image was taken on a foggy day, giving it some mystic feelings, right? Feel free to download this picture for free if you’re a writer in need of a birch-tree picture for your blog or web article.

It belongs to nature and landscapes collection of images, which can be found here.

I hope you like the picture and maybe it inspired you to get out of the city and enjoy a nature walk among beautiful trees of any kind.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Birch-Trees in a forest on a foggy day in winter.

A winter landscape of birch trees surrounded by fog. Peaceful, calming… quiet nature. Countryside in Podlaskie, Poland.

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