Pictures of Animals, Pets & Insects

Free Pictures of Animals, Pets & Insects for Your Blog.

Here they are, images of animals, pets and insects… but not only. Simply all living beings that are not humans.

Pictures for your blog or web article of beloved pets: dogs and cats. Some wild animals from the zoo (like a lion), or bears met on hikes, most probably in British Columbia, Canada.

Also, you will find raccoons, birds and small insects like honey bees and more.

All pictures from this collection you can download and use on your blog, background for your quote or just to put on wallpaper.

Share it and pin this collection, as it’s constantly updated with new images and what’s more important, they are free for you to use (just an attribution is required).

Most images here were taken in Canada: bears, whiskey jack birds, etc; in Japan: like silka deer bucks I met in Nara (a beautiful city in Japan) plus from some other countries I had a chance to travel.

When it comes to pets, photographs of dogs or cats are most probably family members of mine. They look cute on pictures, but in life are also amazing animals, so yes, I’m sharing them with you here.

Soon images of more dangerous animals will be added here, including lions; taken in the zoo, but hopefully one day I will photograph some in their wild environment.

Please, treat images with respect and enjoy them, it’s great to share with you my photography.

Here are the pictures…

Collection of Free Images of Wild Animals, Pets & Small Insects