Male Lion laying on the ground.

Male Lion

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A lion, my favorite cat. What a gorgeous animal, so full of grace and pride. Here is a picture of a beautiful lion, taken in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan.

Cats are amazing animals, but a lion is the only cat that is social and lives in groups, often called “prides”.

A male lion, like this one on the picture, is usually responsible for the security of the tribe. I mean, “usually”, cause I don’t think it applies for lions in zoos.

I’m not sure why I feel so special about this animal, but since childhood, I always admired lions and certainly I was super excited to see this one.

Actually just a moment before I took this picture, he was roaring, and oh man, his roaring was great! I even thought like he was saying hi to me. Yeah, right, eh?

Lions similarly to dogs and other cats, do not live that long, around 12 years for males and up to 15 when it comes to female lions.

I would falsy think that he is the largest cat in the world, but actually that’s not true. The largest cat in the world is tiger, while a lion comes in second place.

But of course, still, a lion is the best one and most beautiful out there!

Few more interesting facts about them: a female is usually responsible for hunting, and usually it’s done at night. There is a special order the meal is consumed by the pride. First would be males eating, following by female lions and the cubs would enjoy as the last ones.

Also, it’s interesting to know that they can be resting up to 20 hours per day, making them the laziest cats in the world.

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Luke Lawreszuk

A beautiful male Lion laying on the ground in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan.

Male Lion laying on the ground in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan.

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