Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

Vancouver has many great places where you can escape the city and enjoy some nature, beautiful sceneries and recharge your “battery”. Sometimes you may find problems where to go, just because there are simply too many choices, but today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite places, not just for photography, but especially to enjoy the peacefulness beauty of nature that Point Atkinson Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver offers.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Vancouver, Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver is a great choice! Especially if you are looking to enjoy some nature that’s accessible by public transportation from West Vancouver or even from Vancouver’s downtown, from where you just need to take one bus ($2.75 for adults) and it takes about 30 minutes to be away from the concrete jungle, and oh yes… it’s an amazing location for photography, relaxation, some rock climbing if you wish or just have a great walk in a beautiful park where I’m quite sure you will encounter some eagles, seals and if you’re super lucky you can see dolphins as well… I wasn’t that lucky, just yet!

West Vancouver Lighthouse Park


I believe I’m better photographer than writer, and because one picture is worth more than 1000 words, I’m sharing some photographs I took during my various trips to West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park.

There are more than 20 images shared here, so I believe it’s ok to say that this post contains more than 20,000 words ;). Let’s enjoy!

Trail in West Vancouver Lighthouse Park

Before we start enjoying photographs of some amazing landscapes we can find in Lighthouse Park, let’s check how the forest trail looks like, as it’s also the first part of the journey when you get to the location.

Tree & Roots in Lighthouse Park in West Van

While enjoying forest trails, you can find many interesting trees, like this one, tree on a tree.

Small Reptile Closeup in West Van Lighthouse Park

But there is more to the forest than just unique trees, you can also find small reptiles that are certainly enjoying their time.

An Interesting Tree Found in Lighthouse Park

As I mentioned in previous paragraph about unique trees, here is another one. I’m not sure why this tree looks the way it looks, but it certainly was worth a shot.

Forest Trail in LIghthouse Park

We can see the trail is quite flat, and you won’t find there a lot of up and downhills, what makes it a perfect place for quite everybody to enjoy. However, if you’re planning to get to an ocean you will have to enjoy some stairs.

Log Cabin Closeup in Lighthouse Park

There are also some beautiful log cabins on the way. If you’re a blogger or you would like to use this image in your web article, here is where you can download this picture of log cabin for free.

Moon & Lighthouse in West Vancouver Lighthouse Park

Depends which trail you will take, but it takes just about 30 minutes to get to the Lighthouse and enjoy this beautiful view. However, if you prefer to enjoy many trails it will take you a bit longer, but still it’s worth it!

Ocean Waves and Rocks in Lighthouse Park

There is much more to the Lighthouse Park than just the Lighthouse, it’s a beautiful place to enjoy the view and sound of an ocean crushing on the rocks. It’s a place where people like to enjoy some good food and/or book.

Ocean Waves Crushing on Rocks in West Vancouver's Lighthouse Park

Another, more detailed shot of ocean waves crushing on the rocks.

Sailboat in West Vancouver Lighthouse Park

Also a great place to see sailboats floating near by.

Seal Enjoying Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

But also some seals that came to enjoy some time on the rocks. I hope one day I will see a dolpin there as well.

Lighthouse Park Around Sunset

The lighthouse is certainly great to take some beautiful photographs, during the daytime but more so during the sunset.

Beautiful Landscape Seen from Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

Very peaceful scenery shot during daytime.

West Vancouver Lighthouse & the Moon

Anytime you go there, even if the view doesn’t change much, the sky can offer some different experiences… it also depends of course how you decide to edit your images ;).

Photographers During Sunset in Lighthouse Park

Have I mentioned that you will certainly meet many fellow photographers there shooting some landscapes but it’s also a popular spot for engagement or wedding shots.

Silhouette of a Friend and an Eagle in Lighthouse Park

If you forgot to take a snack with you, or a book… the view itself is magnificent. Around sunset time is perfect moment to spot some eagles flying back… I believe from UBC area.

Couple Enjoying Sunset in Lighthouse Park

Or just to enjoy beautiful sunset view with your beloved one.

Sunset Shot in West Vancouver's Lighthouse Park

Don’t forget to take another trail to the other side of the Lighthouse, so you can take a picture of the Lighthouse with beautiful sunset on the back.

Sunset & Ocean in West Vancouver Lighthouse Park

Even if there would be no Lighthouse, the open ocean view is certainly an amazing view.

Beautiful View in West Vancouver Lighthouse Park

Just another shot from quite the same spot, the view is certainly worth taking more than just one shot.

Ocean Long Exposure During Sunset in Lighthouse Park

Right after sunset is a great time to enjoy some long exposure photography of the ocean waves.

Lighthouse & Moon Conversation in Black & White

The lighthouse certainly looks amazing in black & white as well, and here I tried to capture the conversation between the Lighthouse and the moon.

However, you must know that if you decide to stay past sunset you certainly should have a flashlight with you to get back to the bus stop or parking lot.

Some of the photographs I shared here are available for purchase within my Beautiful British Columbia photo prints collection, covering some other location in BC, Canada.

How to Get to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

There is an easy answer to that question, here is the map with marked location of the park. There is an overlay on the map, from where you can find how to get there from wherever you are by bus or car. Very useful tool from google and as you can tell by looking at it, people give it great ratings!

I hope you enjoyed my photographs of Point Atkinson Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, and if so… please don’t forget to share this beautiful travel destination in British Columbia, oh and yes… it’s free access to the park!

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