Picture of Dead Leaves on a Tree

Tree with Dead Leaves

Akward Image Description:

Ok, so it’s a picture od a tree with dead leaves, it must be some fall/autumn kind of a picture. Yes, it is, but you also can assume the next shot will be of something related to autumn. Well, that would be a good assumption, and not because it might be autumn season coming over, it’s just because I came back and edited this entry in the future… I mean the future of the next post posting.

Like I guess I explained it wrongly. Anyway.

The picture was taken after or middle of an end of the winter season. Believe it or not. Or even care about believing in it.

Download this free picture, which has Shallow Depth of Field, just the next picture of a car tire with fallen, orange leaves. Use it on your blog or web article. Should be a great one (of course a great one), for many, many bloggers.

If you need a different Autumn-related picture, please check this fall & leaves collection.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk / Sprayedout.com

Picture of a Dead Leaves on a Tree
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