Beautiful Podlaskie in Poland: Nature Landscape Pictures

Who doesn’t love nature? or maybe, who doesn’t need nature? We all do. But it’s easy to forget about. I think so.

Sharing with you some of my photography, beautiful nature in Podlaskie in Poland, a Voivodeship I am from, I love it’s beauty and simplicity when it comes to villages and landscapes. When you’re enjoying such places, you realize that the best things in life are free.

Images shared, you can download and use in your blog posts or just as an inspiration to get out there, travel and explore. At least to spend some more time outdoor.

Peaceful, simple… but so beautiful sceneries

Siemianowka Reservoir

A boat on a Siemianowka Reservoir in Podlaskie, summer landscape.

Siemianówka Reservoir summer landscape. A boat, sun and calmness.

A place of my childhood, where I used to spend my summers visiting grandparents. Siemianowka Reservoir, this picture was taken on the side of campgrounds in Bondary Beach (Plaża Bondary) and RV Park, however on the other end of it. I love it, a perfect place to enjoy forests, water (let it be reservoir or the river) and good times on the beach. It has a huge watch tower, a large pier and beach soccer field.


Summer sunny landscape. Green fields, river and blue sky with clouds and far away tree and forests.

A beautiful view of Narew river, green fields and sky. Landscape seen in Bokiny village.

Very close to Bialystok, there is this town, a village actually. Extremely small, but yet with so pretty views. Narew river, crop fields and wonderful landscapes. Flat lands are beautiful.

Narew River and a boat in Bokiny village.

Would be nice to get on a small boat and explore the Narew river.

Seems like getting or renting a boat or kayak might be a good choice.

Ok, maybe more like the one above, at least. Travel down the river, meet the wildlife.

Sinking boat on Narew river.

Old, sinking boats, not perfect for travel, but when it comes to photography…

Wolka Waniewska

A very short distance away from Bokiny, in Wólka Waniewska, close to river Narew, there is this Observation Tower, in a secluded place. Nice to experience a beautiful landscape there and watch a deer running. To watch peaceful and nature you might find this place a perfect spot.

Beautiful sunset and an observation tower in Wolka Waniiewska.

Beautiful place to enjoy sunset and just watch the nature. Peaceful place close to Bialystok.

Nowa Luplanka

Forest on a sunny day surrounded by green.golden fields. Sunny, summer nature landscape.

Exploring forests and fields around Nowa/Stara Luplanka. Beautiful landscapes that bring peace and joy.

I spent some time biking, walking and exploring forests and fields around Nowa and Stara Luplanka. When the sun was shining…

Also, right after the rain. Close-by forests and landscapes but share such different feelings depending on the weather and especially season.

Countryside Nature Landscape at Gorgeous Sunset. Free picture for your blog.

A gorgeous sunset spotted when exploring countryside in Podlaskie, Poland.

The image above in larger size can be downloaded here: Countryside sunset landscape.

Sunsets after rain can be quite scenic. It was a wonderful view to enjoy such a countryside sunset.

Hay Bales Landscape on a Foggy Day

Hay bales on a field covered in fog, a serene, Scandinavian style landscape.

The image above in larger size can be downloaded here: Hay bales.

Foggy days are wonderful. It’s an autumn picture, of hay bales surrounded by misty fog. Landscape full of mistery.


Beauty in nature summer landscape. Countryside birch tree and a cross surrounded by green grass and sky.

Countryside scenic view during summer. Beautiful nature in Poland, landscape with a lone tree and a cross.

The image above in larger size can be downloaded here: Lone tree.

While biking, here and there, right after passing Nowosady village in Podlaskie, on a road nearby there was this beautiful tree growing, surrounded just by empty field, with a Christian Cross right next to it.

Far away forest and dramatic sky during summer time in countryside.

Dramatic clouds and far away forest near Nowosady village.

Around the same village, there was this forest, a small, tiny and quiet a bit away. However, I liked the feeling of it, the simplicity and sunny mood that is being disturbed by the clouds and shadows among them.

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