Countryside Nature Landscape at Gorgeous Sunset. Free picture for your blog.

Countryside Nature Landscape at Sunset

About the Picture

Countryside in Poland, in the Podlaskie province, often called “green lungs of Poland”. This landscape picture was taken when a unique sunset showed up in the sky and I was in the nearby forest with my camera.

Picture from the countryside next to “Nowa Luplanka” village. I love to explore forests in Poland during summertime when mushroom picking is one of my favorite activities. But I always carry my camera with me, in case of such scenic views spotted, accompanied by one-of-a-kind sunsets.

Forests, fields, beautiful sky – nature is simply amazing. Whenever I visit the countryside, I take a bike, my camera and explore forests and fields, when I want to just enjoy nature, but sometimes it gives me an opportunity to take beautiful captures.

Feel free to download this landscape picture for free to use on your blog or web article, or check my collection of other nature-related images for more choices.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Countryside Nature Landscape at Gorgeous Sunset in Podlaskie, Poland. Free picture for your blog.

A gorgeous sunset spotted when exploring the countryside in Podlaskie, Poland.

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