Hike to Garibaldi Lake : One of My Best Hikes in BC, Canada

British Columbia and it’s nature, something you can’t get enough of. I had a chance to enjoy several hikes in BC, there are so many I wish to undertake at some point, but that’s not the point of this post, because today I’m taking you to one of my favorite hikes in British Columbia, to Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park, wonderful one day get away from the city to Canadian wilderness…

One day hike for those in Vancouver, perfect to recharge you for a little while. But that’s not the only hike in Garibaldi Lake, there are many different trails to enjoy and here you can check my trip to Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park – amazing hike!

Garibaldi Lake Hike : Photographic Journey

The weather that day was very… mystical, and maybe could at times, unless those goosebumps on skin were caused by something else. For that day, for my photographic trip I would say the weather was perfect, cause it’s certainly an interesting place to shoot on a cloudy day.

Hikes starts in the forest and that’s also the part where the hike is mostly uphill. Good time to enjoy fresh mountain air and all the benefits that brings to ones mind and body.

Garibaldi Provincial Park Forest Trail

This photograph was taken after about 3 km of hike, and most of the first 5 km I would roughly guess leads through this kind of trail and surroundings. On the photograph we see an already accomplished part (backview).

The trees there are just… different, in all positive meanings of that word. They are beautiful.

PS. If you know something about those trees, please comment below, would be great to know.

Garibaldi Lake Hike Tree on the Way

On the trail you will find many waterfalls, this one particularly looked special to me so I spent some time photographing it, and I’m happy I did.

Garibaldi Lake Hike Small Waterfall

Oh, and the taste of this water, so cold and so good!

Garibaldi Lake Hike Trees on The Way, BC, Canada

Cloudy weather made the green surroundings even more green, and the clouds added good atmosphere.

Mystic Weather on Garibaldi Lake Hike, BC, Canada

Cloudy, and mystical especially when we come to see first lake with beautiful reflections, clouds and that peacefulness.

Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park

On a day like that, I mean… when it’s colder than you prepared for it’s wonderful when you can have some fun from time to time. Maybe not too much but enough. On the picture we can see Garibaldi Lake.

Garibaldi Lake & Trail, BC, Canada

We just have passed small bridge, which you will see when you go on a hike, maybe this year or next season, it’s ok, just go one day…

We are now on the “other side” and we feel like the main destination is around there, you can feel it in the air or maybe because of the experience of being on that hike couple of times already, not sure.

Closer Look on Garibaldi Lake Mountains

This is the view you can enjoy when you reach the lake, these mountains are wonderful. We are almost at the camping spot.

Garibaldi Lake & Trail, BC, Canada

The color of water in Garibaldi Lake is simply one of the best I could ever seen, but my memory might be not so good on that. However, it is something you certainly will notice when on the hike.

Garibaldi Lake and it's beautiful color

Ok, usually that’s the place where you can in some Whiskey Jacks, but not on that day, at least not for me. However, there were chipmunks, so… next time, Whiskey Jacks.

Chipmunk in Garibaldi Lake Campground

We get to the campground to enjoy the view on Garibaldi Lake and surrounding mountains partially covered in clouds.

Garibaldi Lake & Surrounding Mountain

Plus vertical view of the same mountain.

Garibaldi Lake & Mountain in the Back

Water in the lake is perfectly clear, but also extremely cold, at least for me.

Garibaldi Lake & Glacier

The final image of the day, of Garibaldi Lake with surrounding mountains. Beautiful destination.

Garibaldi Lake & Glacier

How to Get to Garibaldi Lake

If someway by reading this post or maybe thanks to images (hopefully), you have decided that Garibaldi Lake is the journey you want to undertake here is how to get there from Vancouver.

It’s perfect hike for one day, if you have two or more days, you certainly can go further and get to Panorama Ridge or Black Tusk for more spectacular views, however in my case it was only one day hike.

To get there, simply take highway #1 towards Horseshoe bay and then continue on highway #99 (Sea to Sky Highway) and continue until Squamish. After reaching Squamish, continue on for another 32 km, you should see Garibaldi Provincial Park sign and that’s where you turn right. You must continue for couple more km until you reach parking lot and that’s where your hiking adventure will begin!

Garibaldi Lake Hike, BC, Canada
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