Tailwind Create – Another Reason to Start Using Tailwind for Pinterest

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Saving time is one of the most important things when you’re working on your new business. You most probably are wondering how to efficiently manage it between creating content for your website, building online presence in search engines and social media platforms.

If you are about growing your business presence in Pinterest, a visual search engine that’s extremely popular across female audiences (men love it too!), using scheduling tools can be essential for your business.

Scheduling tools won’t just save your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business such as creating content, but they also can boost your traffic growth, and ease your mind, so you don’t have to multitask during the day, but focus on the task at hand.

There are several scheduling tools for Pinterest, but nothing compares to the Tailwind. Why? In this blog post, I share with some main features of the tool and a newly added Tailwind Create, another great reason to start using it!

Here is the list of the benefits Tailwind offers, and later on I will discuss each one of them:

  1. Scheduling Pins
  2. Insights
  3. Tailwind Create
  4. New Pinterest Users Will Gain More!

It’s important to know that Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner and it follows the best practices on the platform.

Let’s continue, to find out why it’s worth giving the tool a try and a newly created tool called Tailwind Create, perfect for those interested in boosting creativity and creating beautiful pins with ease.

Tailwind Create Another Great Reason to Start Using Tailwind for Pinterest

Scheduling Pins

That’s the most obvious one. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that allows you to schedule pins to your Pinterest boards, single or multiple boards with time intervals of your choice.

Essentially, that was the first reason why the tool was created. So during the day when writing blog posts or even while grocery shopping – simply you don’t have to log in to your Pinterest account to add a pin to keep up with your posting schedule.

Thanks to scheduling tool, you can schedule a week or month worth of pins in one seating; and it’s all up to you how many pins per day you want to be scheduled, what time of the day you want them to go live (or let the Tailwind decide for you about the best timing).

It’s a great time saver. Multitasking is tiring, it really is. Having all the pins scheduled for a week (or a month) is mind-relaxing.

And there are plenty of choices on how to schedule pins:

  • In the Tailwind dashboard,
  • With help of your browser extension, which adds Tailwind scheduling button while browsing on Pinterest,
  • Directly from the blog post you’re reading and want to schedule,
  • Or even through a mobile app.

As you see, choices are many!

Pinterest Scheduling Features You Need to Know About

Bulk scheduling – after installing Tailwind chrome extension you can go to your Pinterest account and schedule your pins in bulk. A great way to schedule many pins in one go, quick-and-easy! Here is a guide on how to schedule 10 pins in 10 seconds!

  • Extra tip: To schedule pins in bulk, it’s best to a board of someone you follow or a group board that shares great quality pins. The home feed is not the best place for that. Group boards, search feed or a board you follow and you know they share pins from quality sources, that’s the way to do it properly!

Board lists – when you set up your Pinterest account properly, you should have few or several boards that will match each article on your website. If so, you can create board lists with related boards and quickly schedule a pin to be pinned to each one of them, interval scheduling is something you should be using then as well – and so you will be able to schedule one pin that will go live every couple of days, filling up your scheduling queue for weeks or months ahead!


How to know which Pinterest boards or pins are performing best? With the help of Insights.

Creating great content, publishing pins are all vital to your success, but thanks to analytics you can get some important data, showing you which of your pins perform the best, which board is getting most repins and which ones aren’t working in your favor.

Pinterest Analytics is getting better and better with time, and they offer some great information about your Pinterest account but it might be a bit intimidating for first-timers.

Tailwind Insights offers different types of data, all presented in an easy to understand form. I’m not an analytical expert, but I find Tailwind Insights more detailed and easier to comprehend.

Let’s take a look at some of the information Tailwind gives us about our account.

Board Insights – gives you information about your best performing Pinterest boards (personal/group boards). You will find detailed information about how many pins each board has, it’s engagement and virality score and the number of followers. Also, directly from the page you might look for “similar content” if you’re about to look for pins to be scheduled to a specific board.

Here is a snapshot of “Board Insights” for my website in the beauty niche:

Tailwind Insights for Pinterest Best Performing Boards

“Board Insights” showing statistics of by best performing boards (Group and Personal).

Pin Inspector – lets you check which of your pins got the most repins when they were pinned and allows you to reschedule the pin, add it to SmartLoop, include it in Tribes or find similar pins for you to schedule.

Top Pins – allows you to check some great data:

  • pins from your website shared by other users -> by who, when and with all the impressions, repins and clicks to your website it resulted in;
  • or your pins -> if you’re planning on new content for your blog, that’s where you can get some great ideas to write about. Analytics here will share some great info about which pins of other people’s content are the most popular in your account, and if creating similar content would make sense for you and your blog.

There is more information you might want to use in Tailwind Insights, but those I find the most useful.

Tailwind Create

Tailwind started as a plain scheduling tool, but it constantly evolves.

With time passed, they created Tailwind Tribes – the reason why I signed up for a paid account.

Later on, they added the “SmartLoop” feature so you can recycle your best-performing pins, automatically.

With time they included an opportunity to publish your pins with different Titles. I love it!

What’s next? A brand new feature that’s about to be added and it’s called “Tailwind Create”.

Tailwind Create allows you to create beautiful pins with ease and quickly schedule them to your Pinterest boards.

How it Works:

Tailwind Create requires a few easy steps, to create a set of pins for your article.

  • Choose the content URL you want to create new pins for.
  • Write an attention-grabbing Title for the article.
  • Upload pictures or choose images from the available stock photo library for the pins.

3 easy steps and that’s all that’s required to create designer-quality pins, optimized for Pinterest.

The tool lets you pick matching fonts, add a logo and branding colors. Most of the time you will spend is to pick the best-looking pins, as the tool gives some great options it’s just hard to decide on the best ones. You can edit each created pin, change fonts, colors and add elements to make the pin more visually appealing.

After the creation process, you can schedule with ease all created pins to relevant boards on your Pinterest profile.

Certainly, it saves tons of time and it also boosts your creativity!

Check this article, the pins there were created with the Tailwind Create tool, I think they look great!

This article also contains pins created with the tool.

I recommend watching the video below, which explains how the tool works…

If you want to give the tool a go, you can sign up for Tailwind Create here.

A free trial is based on 100 scheduled Pins, it’s a perfect way to test how Tailwind works and if it’s right for you!

Tailwind Create functionality has an additional price.

New Pinterest Users Will Gain More!

Pinterest and Google are search engines that can generate quite an amount of traffic to your blog. However, when you are a new blogger, it’s easier to quickly see results on Pinterest than on Google with less effort.

Essentially, you want to have traffic from as many sources as you can, so in case something changes in the algorithm of a search engine, you won’t lose 100% of your traffic if you depend just on one source.

New bloggers that are willing to invest time in growing their presence in Pinterest, thanks to Tailwind they usually see a more traffic boost than accounts that are there for a long time.

You have to learn a thing or two about Pinterest and how it works, but certainly, you don’t have to be a Pinterest expert to have success with it.

I’m not an expert, but thanks to Tailwind Tribes I grew my Pinterest reach, gained more repins and if I didn’t have a Tailwind I would not be as consistent with my efforts.

I have a couple of websites, currently using Tailwind on one of them. On the other hand, I’m more focused on creating content and was about to follow manual pinning strategies. But it’s not easy and sometimes when I get busy with life, I tend to forget to pin.

With the tool, I can forget about Pinterest, cause I can schedule pins in advance and do whatever I need to do.

Check this read about typical Pinterest results of Tailwind members. These numbers shared there are in your reach, your success can be even better than typical ones. The important thing is to focus on the quality of content, good Pinterest account set up, strategy and proper use of Tailwind tools – that are quite easy to learn. Check how Tailwind is different from the competition, and try it for free (100 pins) if it’s something for you!.


A Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest, it has many great features. You don’t need to master each one of them to be successful, but the more fluent you become with it, the more benefits you should gain. It’s still essential that you produce quality content that’s useful for your readers, otherwise, no tool can move mountains in your favor.

Some prefer manual pinning, some love tools. I think it’s worth giving it a try, especially if it doesn’t cost you a penny to do so and it might bring you great benefits.

Pinning Manually? Give Tailwind for Pinterest a Try!

Tailwind Create new feature for Pinterest marketers.

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