Anemone Blanda Purple Flower Closeup

Anemone Blanda Purple Flower Closeup

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Quite small flower, yet very “charming”. Anemone Blanda, a purple flower which I took picture in Vancouver, Canada.

However, it’s not a native to flower to Canada. It comes from southeastern Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria. At least that’s what Wikipedia says.

It’s interesting that the flower has some medicinal properties, however, due to the toxicity, it’s not used in medications anymore.

When touched, it may cause dermatitis. Interesting.

Even poisonous, it’s still a beautiful flower. Its purple petals can be boiled and used in dyeing purposes, but surprisingly they don’t give purple color! It’s rather light green. Hmm.

“Anemone Blanda”, or “Anemonoides Blanda” (long name) do not sound so beautiful. I prefer other names of the flower such as Grecian windflower, or winter windflower.

When it comes to the meaning of “blanda” in its original name – it means “mild” or “charming”. I would go for the second one!

Check my collection of flower images which is constantly growing, and feel free to download this picture if you need it for your blog or web article.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Anemone Blanda Purple Flower Closeup

Anemone Blanda flower, a beautiful, “charming” purple flower. The long name for the flower is “Anemonoides Blanda”.

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