30 Free Images to Use on Website, Blog & Social Media

30 Free Images to use on Websites, Blog & Social Media

There are many photography resources online these days, where you can download stock photography. Many of them are paid, but there are also many that offer great images for free. Here you can find 30 free images to use on websites, blog or social media channel.

Photographs here were chosen with Pinterest and Google+ social media channels. Size of each image is 800x1200px and they have been created for you so you can use them on your marketing efforts for free.

However, if you need images that will work well with Facebook and Twitter, don’t you worry. The original images and horizontal or can be rotated, so if you’re thinking of using them on Facebook, Twitter or horizontally within a blog post, they should work perfectly well.

Many of those websites offer a way to donate or to buy a coffee for a photographer, give it a thought if you would like to support them on their photographic journeys.

30 Free Images for Blogs; Adjusted for Pinterest & Google+ Marketers

No matter if you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ of Pinterest for your social media marketing, there is also a chance you’re using them all. The collection of images here should serve well your website and social marketing needs, what’s so great about them is that you can actually download each of them and use it for free. Just wonderful!

Jump & Splash picture

Beautiful image by Dan Carlson. Creates a feeling of urgency and “last call”. Can be dowloaded here.

Woman walking in front of yellow background

Taken by Rodion Kutsaev, this picture is a great attention grabber. Isn’t that the reason why taxis are painted yellow? To grab attention on the street. This picture will certainly help you grab attention on Pinterest traffic passing through. Yellow relates to joy and happiness, it is certainly a positive color. Download this picture here.

Many apricots closeup look

Photo taken by Orlando Seppip. Rotated to fit this look, however can be cropped from horizontal view, giving a bit closer look to the apricots. Good grab for food and health bloggers. Download it here, and maybe get Orlando a coffee (option available on a webpage).

beautiful landscape during sunset

Photo taken by Adrian Pelletier from freenaturestock.com. Beautiful, peaceful landscape with a lot of space for your copy. It’s a one man project through which Adrian shares many great images, and he seems he enjoys coffee, check his about me page to find out how to get one for him. Download this picture here.

Single flower on white background

Taken by Jeremy Bishop. Single flower on quite white, plain color background. Brings me to zen and a relaxed space – beautiful picture, will you download it to use it?

Coffee, Chocolate and cinnamon sticks

Taken by Gabriel Lupu. Darker, moody and very flat feeling background + your copy and it should look great on Pinterest, especially if you write about coffee, chocolate or related stuff. Download full picture here.

Red leaves on plain background

Taken by Andrew Small. It’s wonderful photograph and it’s great from the photographer to share it with the world by giving it to use it for free. Attention grabbing, relates to seasonality and uniqueness. Download it here.

Woman standing on a concrete floor

Photo was taken by Karolina from Kaboompics.com. Great photograph to use as a pin background, especially for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Please download it here.

bowling alley

Not sure by who this photo was taken by, and I would love to know! It’s a beautiful image full of strong and vibrant colors to grab attention and give your space for your copy. Please download it here, and if you know who’s the photographers, please kindly let me know.

Keyboard on red background

Who doesn’t know how great the color red it to grab attention, increase appetite and create the sense of urgency? It’s a very powerful color, used by many big brands and we all know it’s working great for them. Use this image for your pinterest pin background, good match for bloggerts, tech and online marketing industries. Download image here.

Healthy Berries for Snack

Photo taken by Jakub Kapusnak. Great for many pinners, cause if you don’t know yet, Pinterest is a great place for food lovers and you will most probably find millions of great recipes there. This picture will serve well food bloggers and health conscious people. If you need more space for the copy, download it here and play with this beautiful picture.

Phone & Textbook

Taken by Jeffrey Betts. Tech and lifestyle kind of image/background to give you subtle, yet warm feeling to the pin, download it here.

Black and White Stripes Pattern

Photo taken by Jay Mantri. Stripes pattern, black and white… here is only one version of how you can crop this image for pin, but that’s the kind of image you can crop in many different ways and rotate it to suit your needs. If there is and image that’s 100 in 1, that’s the one!

Good choice if you want to plan a background for your brand, to use it across many pins. Wonderful shot by Jay, can be downloaded here.

Brick Wall Pattern

Photo taken by Jonas Wimmerstr√∂m from cUpcake.nilssonlee.se. Who doesn’t like bricks? I love bricks and I think this picture + your creativity = beautiful image for social media. Download it here – right click and save, there is no designated page for image there.

PS. Share your creations with me!

Writing with a pen in notebook

Taken by the guys from Startupstockphotos.com. Saturated background and a person leaving some creative thoughts in a notebook, great for various business related themes. Download it here.

Brown Wooden Parquet Pattern

Wooden patterns are quite like bricks, you can not love them. Here is just a simple crop, but get creative and use it in various ways. Download it here.

toy train

When you look at this picture taken by Jeshu John, you wish to go back to childhood and have some more fun play with trains. But it’s adulthood, so at least we can enjoy good memories and photographs like this. Great choice for blog posts, and social media to bring back some good memories. Here is where you can get it.

Oh, sweet macarons

Not sure how it is in your city, but here in Vancouver, BC there is something trendy going on with macarons. Are you a fan of sweet stuff, like macarons? Beautiful background and tasty macarons, enjoy the photograph which on my crop contains 3 pieces, however on the original image you can download here; macarons are doubled, for couples!

Pine Forest

Photo taken by Daniel Nanescu. Everything green, if you love green color but also “green” as planet clean related topics. You will know if that’s the one for you. See in full horizontal view and download it here.

Fresh Strawberries and Blackberries in a Little Bowl

Photo taken by Viktor Hanacek. This image is just a rotated copy of the original. Original version is great for horizontal blog or social media use (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the copy here, it’s a version more Pinterest and Google+ oriented. Download it here, if you’re food blogger.

White Plane Model on Black Background

Picture from the Lifeofpix.com. Beautifully framed on black background, can be used on variety of topics and you most probably know if yours apply. I love it and you can download it from here (there is a horizontal version for more uses.

Woman Sitting Barefoot on the floor

Beautiful lifestyle image for your Pinterest and other social media needs. Download it here for free.

Girl Dancer Jumping in the Field in Joy

Photo taken by Ed Gregory. Do you want to create joy, excitement and feeling of something wonderful coming aroung? That’s great image for that. Enjoy pinterest look and download original.

Coffee Beans in a Mug and Background

On Pinterest there is millions of food lovers, but there are also some coffee addicts, and with them I’m sharing this wonderful picture of coffee beans.

Download it here. Once you there, you will notice that the original is rotated version of the one here.

Yellow White Pattern

Patterns are very popular and you can already tell that I have shared some already. Patterns offer you a possibility to be creative and minimalistic. Download it here.

Colorful berries on plain background

Here is one more choice for food bloggers. Fresh berries on a plain background. Download it here.

An alpinist climbing the wall

Photo taken by Jack Moreh. Beautiful silhouette of an alpinist on a saturated background. Put a great copy and it will be easy to grab attention with your pin or on other social media marketing efforts. Download it here.

Pile of cut wood logs in sunlight

Nice pattern created by tree logs. Please download this image here.

macro of a leaf

Beautiful macro of a leaf with great details. Should be great for a pin background. Please download it here.

Mountain in the Clouds

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier. Caught in a perfect moment, will make your image look very special download it here.

Blog for free

That’s right! There are many great resources out there that are free, and we have to remember about those who create them.

Thanks to all the photographers for the images, so now we can all use them on blogs and social media marketing campaigns. Buy a coffee for a photographer if it’s something you feel like doing.

Sharing is optional, but you may want to save it for later reference when you will be looking for your next image that will get attention on Pinterest.

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