Colorful Love balloons behind a window with iron bars.

Forbidden Love

About the Picture

Love, we were born to love, to be happy and to love one another. Unconditional love, the most beautiful “thing” out there.

When I think about this picture, it brings me so many feelings, it can be seen in so many different lights and angles. That’s why I like it a lot, for each of us it can mean something different, yet love is always the centre of it.

So let’s try to see how it can be viewed.

From a photography point of view, if I used a long zoom lens and zoomed in just on the blue balloon on the top, we would only see the “love balloon”, without the iron bars, and we could see it as pure love, with no obstacles, where love is everything there is.

If we zoomed out, we would see the larger picture, like this one, shared. We would see the iron bars, and they would change the meaning quite a bit. It would relate much more to our lives. But not to make it too long of a description with many different aspects, I give just one, an often seen in life. In life, we meet couples, beautiful couples, perfect matches. That’s when we see them in a zoomed-in form. Then, later on, we hear that this perfect match, divorced or broke up. That’s when the zoomed-out picture comes in. We just didn’t see the full picture of their relationship, we just saw what we wanted to see, that a perfect relationship exists and one day we may have one as well.

I do believe in perfect relationships, but life is so full of experiences. To know love, we need to learn what love really is. Once you become a parent, you’re full of unconditional love for your child. Some of us learn about that before we become parents, some later. Some never.

But that’s still not where I wanted to go with the picture.

Forbidden love, that’s the first what comes to my mind when I was taking and still when I’m looking at the picture. A love to someone, which in itself is so pure and beautiful, something full of light and beauty, but due to the surrounding circumstances is someway “not possible”. It still exists, it’s still beautiful but it’s just “illegal”.

Why forbidden? Cause of the parents, cause of the surroundings, due to religion. Sometimes you fall in love with someone but your parents don’t accept that, sometimes you are just both from different worlds, met someway, somehow but everything except the feeling of love works against it. Often due to religion, some religions are more strict than others, but it happens that people from different religion fall in love with each other, but “religion” doesn’t accept that. Sometimes it’s also just because you meet someone from a different country, on a vacation you and that person enjoyed, but it’s just “impossible” (not really impossible!, but you know what I mean) to be together. Sometimes you need to fight for love. That’s true I guess, or maybe not.

I believe all of us have been in these situations in one way or another. We than feel like “love hurts”, like Rod Stewart used to sing. But love never hurts, cause it’s too pure. Everything else can hurt, or something that we think is love but is not, that’s why it hurts. Love itself never hurts.

So even forbidden, illegal, behind bars. Whatever think you would put before the word love, it is still love and is beautiful and unique, better to have “forbidden” or “illegal love” than not to have love at all.

That was my longest description I had for a picture, I could still write much more to this one, but hey, I don’t want to make you feel bored. Feel free to download the picture, use it on your blog and I really wonder how you see this picture, what feelings it brings to you. Much love to you all!

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Colorful Love balloons behind a window with iron bars.

Love behind bars, forbidden love, a beautiful, however “illegal”.

This image is shared under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Feel free to download it and use it.

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