Fishing Boats in Steveston Harbour, Richmond, BC, Canada at sunset covered by cloudy skies.

Fishing Boats in Steveston Harbour, Richmond, BC

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Steveston is one of those beautiful places around Vancouver, BC you want to visit on your trip to Canada. Here is a picture taken in Steveston Harbour of a fishing boat.

In the harbour, you can often but fresh fish, shrimps (prawns?) and enjoy a good coffee with a beautiful walk around the ocean.

This image was taken during my visit to Steveston with a friend, we enjoyed quite a full day there, walking around, exploring and learning about Steveston history. It’s very worth visiting place, especially if you’re fish & chips lover (picture of fish & chips we had during the visit).

I won’t share with you what I learned about the history of Steveston, cause my memory is not that great so I quiet remember nothing. All I remember that the Japanese came there a long time ago, and if I’m not wrong they taught how to make boats and ships. But I might be wrong about that! You still can find an old house built by the Japanese settlers, which is very cute.

When it comes to photography, and sunset or sunrise images. I would guess that sunset is a better time to photograph there due to the sun location in the sky. But I’m quite sure if you’re the sunrise photographer, you can take some unique photographs there as well.

This picture belongs to my collection of nature & landscape images, check it for more landscape images.

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Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Fishing Boats in Steveston Harbour, Richmond, BC, Canada at sunset covered by cloudy skies.

Picture was taken in Steveston Harbour at sunset, a beautiful suburbs in Richmond, BC, Canada.

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