Pajo's Fish & Chips, Steveston, BC, Canada. Free picture for your blog or web article.

Pajo’s Fish & Chips in Steveston, BC, Canada

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In Vancouver, BC, you will find all kind of cuisines from all over the world. A lot of tourists that visit Vancouver are certainly looking for some great seafood experiences. Fish & chips are one of the great choices if you’re fun of deep fried food.

Steveston in British Columbia is a city that’s very close to Vancouver and even closer to Richmond. It’s located on a Fraser River and it’s a great place for those looking for fresh seafood experience. You can go on a pier when on boats you can buy fresh fish, prawns and some other choices or you can head to a restaurant where you will have your food delivered to you within minutes.

It’s also a great place to enjoy some great fish & chips, if not the best in British Columbia and I certainly would recommend you going to a food stand located just next to Fraser River like Pajo’s fish & chips and enjoy them outdoors on a beautiful sunny, summer weather (and Pajo’s didn’t pay me to recommend me their place!).

The food at the Pajo’s was delicious, even though I’m not a big fan of fish and chips. I love the way the food is served in a paper made boat, which you can “dock” in the whole created for that in each table. I also enjoyed a ginger ale pop, which was very delicious but it’s not on the picture.

On the picture here you have one order of Pajo’s Fish & Chips, which was simply great, but also it looks amazing on the images, certainly great for all people that are looking for Instagram-worthy food places. I might be wrong, but just take a look on the picture, doesn’t it look amazing?

You can grab this image if you wish and use it on your blog or web article. It brings smile to my face when you’re using my images and certainly Pajo’s Fish & Chips place will also be happy. Don’t forget to share some love and add an attribution to this page.

Bon appetit!

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Luke Lawreszuk

Pajo's Fish & Chips, Steveston, BC, Canada. Free picture for your blog or web article.

Fish & Chips at Pajo’s in Steveston, BC, Canada. Very tasty and also Instagram worthy plating.

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