Standing squirrel in the park. Free picture for your blog.

Standing Squirrel

Who doesn’t love squirrels? A small, cute animal which embraces people, hoping they will be fed with a snack or something. Here I share with you a picture of a standing squirrel, found in Central Park, Burnaby, Canada. Visit to download this picture for free to use on your blog.

Male Lion laying on the ground.

Male Lion

Visit to download a free picture of a male lion. My favorite cat, and the second-largest cat in the world that’s also the only social that lives in groups. The picture was taken in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan.

Picture of a very friendly raccoon

Friendly Raccoon

Akward Description: This week we are going to start with the picture of the most friendly racoon I have met so far. What’s your favourite animal? Living in Vancouver you can find many racoons, they are quite everywhere however, I was always kind of “scared” to come close to them (one might wonder why). This […]