German Shepherd Dog: Portrait at Sunset

German Shepherd Dog Portrait at Sunset

About the Picture

“I’m watching you!”, said Randal while posing to the picture. A beautiful dog, German Shepherd photographed at sunset, during an evening walk.

Randal is a unique German Shepherd. He’s so friendly, playful and beautiful! It’s easy to nice his ears. You might think it’s just on the picture, that one is standing and the other laying flat.

But that’s the way he looks every day. That’s a part of his cuteness, his different ears and fluffy, strong body.

When you meet him for the first time, you might not want to come close, as he is big and strong. But that’s only his look, he’s the most friendly German Shepherd I know and so enjoy spending time with him.

Randal loves to go for a walk, the only problem is when you want to go back home, then he tries to trick you and run around, sometimes so far away that it’s hard to find him. He just loves running around.

He’s lovely but his tricky, but usually listens and always extremely playful. Whenever I stop to take a picture of a sunset or a landscape, that’s the time when he comes close, lays down next to me and watches the view. I wonder what he’s thinking at that time.

That was also one of these moments, when I was photographing the sunset, he just laid down next to me, so I moved a few steps back and took his portrait picture. Isn’t he cute?

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Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

German Shepherd Dog: Portrait at Sunset

A beautiful German Shepherd, named Randal. He’s so handsome.

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