Waterfall Close-up at sunset.

Waterfall Close-up

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Waterfalls, let’s be honest here. We all love them, right? As most of us love nature, waterfalls are those things that often remind us of its enormous beauty but also the strength and power nature holds.

Here is a close-up picture of a waterfall, a stream of water hitting the bed of water, stopped in motion. Often we enjoy long-exposure photography when it comes to waterfalls, however here I decided to catch these falling water drops, and the waves they create.

But don’t take me wrong, I certainly love long-exposures of waterfalls and not only. I just decided to give something different here.

Just a detailed picture, of water seen up close, and nothing else than water, the essence of life. I love the colors on this image.

The picture was taken around sunset when beautiful sun rays were hitting the water, giving its this golden glow, while the bed of water have its intense navy-blue tone.

All we have here in the frame is just water, the same one that has the power to give life, to destroy it and at the same time is part of everything in nature, even our own bodies that consist a high percentage of water content.

This picture belongs to the collection of nature images, feel free to check it if you need a different capture.

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Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Waterfall Close-up at sunset.

Waterfall close-up, photographed around sunset.

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