spirit of false creek on granville island

Ocean, Sunset & Granville Island

Akward Description: This picture was taken on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. One of the most famous tourist location in the city. It’s a great place to visit to enjoy beautiful scenery or for shopping. Of course, like anything else under this category, you can grab and use it on your blog or article. However […]

water lilies leaves floating

Zen Time : Water Lilies

Akward Description: I’m not sure, but I believe those are leaves of water lilies. I might be wrong! However, those leaves I always associate with zen, meditation, peace, tranquillity and everything that’s related to “now”. We can find them often in Zen gardens and similar places. Personally, I find them very calming and beautiful. Maybe […]

firefighter thing

The Thing Firefighters Use

Akward Description: Ok, so English is not native language and most probably even if it would be I would just not know the name of this thing – but fire fighters would be most probably the only ones using them if needed. Everybody has it’s own, unique way for expressing appreciation and gratitude. I do […]