Sunset in Stanley Park Seawall & Siwash Rock : Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sunset in Stanley Park Seawall & Siwash Rock : Vancouver, BC, Canada

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If you have been to Vancouver in Canada, you are very familiar with this view from Stanley Park seawall. However, if you’ve never been to beautiful Vancouver, but it’s on your list of places to visit, you won’t miss beautiful Stanley Park.

This picture was taken from the seawall side in Stanley Park, where you can have an amazing walk, cycling experience or go for a workout run, that’s how many Vancouverites enjoy the seawall.

Stanley Park itself is a very big park, I’ve heard it is the second most popular city park in the world, right after Central Park in New York. The size of Stanley Park quite matches the size of Downtown Vancouver, so you have many ways to enjoy it. You have a couple of beautiful beaches, barbeque spots and that’s also where Vancouver’s Aquarium is located. It’s not a surprise why many photographers also love it.

Here on this picture of a sunset in Stanley Park seawall, you can also see a Siwash Rock which is a 32-million-year-old sea stack (referred to as rock outcropping) and it’s one of the most known monuments in Stanley Park.

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