Coniferous Forest: Pine Trees

Coniferous Forest: Pine Trees

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Nature photography, coniferous forest with pine trees. Where the field ends and forest begins.

The picture was taken when winter was about to end and spring to come. The field in front of the forest was a golden color, and trees, especially on a cloudy day like this one, seemed very pretty, calm and serene.

Forests, let them be coniferous or any type. All are beautiful. They are home to many animals and they give us food in many shapes and forms. I love forest especially during the summer and fall when we have the mushroom season. But blueberries, cranberries and many other things can be found in forests.

Apart from food, forests are the place where we human beings can find peace and healing to our mind and soul. Just walking around is a perfect practice, and when we can spot a wild animal, that’s just a bonus.

Are you being stressed out? Need to find some inner peace? Take some time for yourself and enjoy the nature walk. It’s the best medicine.

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Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Coniferous Forest: Pine Trees

A beautiful coniferous forest, pine trees on a cloudy day.

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