Mount Price from Garibaldi Lake Camp Side, BC, Canada

Mount Price Volcano in Garibaldi Provincial Park, Canada

About the Image:

It was a very surprising trip to Garibaldi Lake in mid-June. Surprising, cause I didn’t expect to see that amount of snow and icy lake when summer was just starting.

I was surprised because I went to Garibaldi Lake several times, usually in August or September so I assumed the lake and the view will be quite the same as during every other visit. However it was an amazing surprise, was great to enjoy the frozen lake, 2 meters of snow under my feet and gorgeous landscapes. This picture is a close-up view of Mt Price, a beautiful volcano, especially when covered in snow.

I will certainly share some more images from the same trip to share Garibaldi Lake scenery in snowy but sunny June.

You can also check one of my posts where I share some images from Garibaldi Lake hike I did during rainy fall, where snow was quite gone.

Feel free to download this picture and use it on your blog or web article just for an attribution.

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Luke Lawreszuk

Mount Price from Garibaldi Lake Camp Side, BC, Canada

Beautiful Mount Price Volcano, Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada. Mountains & Snow

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