Forest Trail in Central Park in Burnaby, Canada, taken in Autumn.

Forest Trail in Central Park in Burnaby, Canada

About the Picture

Here is an image taken in Autumn in a small, but unique park in Burnaby, called “Central Park”, yes, it’s a name everybody knows but usually it relates to the most famous park in the world located in New York City.

Central Park in Burnaby, a city located just next to Vancouver in Canada. You might not even notice when you travel and pass the border between two cities.

It’s a beautiful place, suitable for quite anybody who loves to enjoy things outdoors. In Central Park you will find nice forest trails to enjoy a walk among the trees (like the one on the picture).

But also many more things. There is a picnic area for barbeque lovers just next to a lake, golf course, tennis courts, gym equipment located on the side of forest trail, swimming pool and some more things.

Oh, and it’s a place where you can meet squirrels. It’s actually one of the first places I ever saw squirrels outdoor and your dog certainly will try to chase them.

On the side of the Park, there is a stadium where Vancouver Whitecaps used to play, but they moved to Vancouver Downtown some time ago. But the stadium is still there but I’m not exactly sure how it’s used nowadays.

An image was taken in Autumn. Inside Central Park where dry fallen leaves covered the trail which is surrounded by beautiful trees. A quiet, quite nostalgic scene of the Park that can be full of people during summer months.

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Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Forest Trail in Central Park in Burnaby, Canada, taken in Autumn.

Autumn capture in Central Park in Burnaby, Canada. A forest trail with dry, fallen leaves.

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