Lighthouse in Black and White in West Vancouver, Canada with rising moon landscape.

West Vancouver’s Point Atkinson Lighthouse Park Black & White Landscape

About the Picture

Black and white capture of a Lighthouse, in West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park taken just when the sun went down and the moon was on the rise.

If you would ask me for my favorite places to enjoy some peace and quiet, a good nature walk and probably take a nice relaxed time with a book – Point Atkinson Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver would be one of the places I would love to share with you.

Probably, most of the Vancouverites know that place very well, especially if you live around West Van. But when it comes to tourists, it would be a great attraction to visit while on a trip to one of the most popular cities in the world – Vancouver!

Personally, I love nature and Vancouver has a lot to offer when it comes to that. Many great beaches, beautiful hikes that are so close to the city and accessible by bus or other forms of transportation.

When I felt like I needed to get out of the concrete jungle, have a nice forest walk, enjoy some time with something to read, do some photography and enjoy beautiful, scenic landscapes – Lighthouse Park always served me well. It had this wonderful power that recharged my batteries and provided me with a feeling of a deeper connection with the Mother Earth and the Universe itself.

I highly recommend this place for anyone, not just photography enthusiasts but for each person that wants to enjoy some nature in Vancouver.

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And of course, feel free to download this picture for free to use on your blog or web article.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Lighthouse in Black and White in West Vancouver, Canada with rising moon landscape.

Black and white picture of the Point Atkinson Lighthouse in West Vancouver. Beautiful landscape in Canada at night.

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Attribution Example: Point Atkinson Lighthouse.

by: Luke Lawreszuk /

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