Sunset in West Vancouver's Lighthouse Park

Picture of Sunset in West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park

Akward Description:

Whenever I’m in the city and feel like I need to escape the concrete jungle, West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park offers me an escape I’m looking for. Not only because it’s a great place for photography, it’s also a great place to gather thoughts, to be and feel one with the nature.

It’s just a one bus ride from Vancouver’s Downtown, so I would recommend it to anybody who’s in need for time for just themselves. So nice to see beautiful sunset like this one here or to watch eagles flying by or to just seat down and enjoy your favorite book.

Feel free to download this picture for free and use it on your blog or web article. If you want to see some more images from the same location as you might be considering it for a day trip, just check some more images taken in Point Atkinson Lighthouse Park. I’m sure you will love it there if you’ve never been there before.

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Luke Lawreszuk /

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