Snow, mountains and white clouds, landscape in Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia, Canad

Snow Landscape: Mountains in Garibaldi Lake, BC, Canada

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Canada is well-known in the world for its stunning landscapes and nature. That’s one of the reasons why so many people love Canada. Certainly, I do love Canada for spectacular landscapes, wildlife but also for many other reasons!

Here is a picture I took on a hike I did with my cousin to Garibaldi Lake, where we went for an overnight hike. You would think it was taken around wintertime, maybe spring the latest, right?

Well, we actually did this hike in June, and we were so surprised when we found out that everything was covered in snow, and Garibaldi lake was still frozen in most parts.

Previously, I went to Garibaldi Lake several times, always around August, so it was quite snow-free. That what we thought we are going to meet within June as well. Of course, we weren’t prepared when it comes to our clothing for the weather and all this snow.

But apart from that, it was a great experience! Seeing Garibaldi Lake, mountains and a whole landscape covered in the deep snow was priceless!

This picture was taken very early in the morning, right after sunrise, so as you can see, we were given wonderful weather.

The mountain on the picture is Mount Price. It is a small stratovolcano, of which I have shared a closeup picture.

This picture belongs to the collection of landscape images, in case you need some other image, many of them are taken within British Columbia in Canada.

On the last note here, a small piece of advice. Always check the weather and conditions before going on a hike, even when you have been to a place a thousand times. Otherwise, you may end up doing a snowy hike with wet feet.

If you have never been to Garibaldi Lake hike, you should certainly consider enjoying it when around Whistler or Squamish, you can check some images from that hike here to see if it’s something for you.

Feel free to download this picture and use on your blog or article, just please don’t forget to attribute properly.

Snow, mountains and white clouds, landscape in Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia, Canad

Taken not long after sunrise, landscape in Garibaldi Provincial Park: Mountains & snow in Garibaldi Lake campground!

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Snow and Mountains in Garibaldi Lake, BC, Canada. Landscape Photography

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