Closeup of a Bamboo Grass Plant in Arashiyama, Japan

Closeup of a Bamboo Grass Plant

About the Picture

Bamboos, who doesn’t love them? They can be used in so many ways by people I won’t even try to give examples. But I’m gonna share one interesting thing – they are grass plants, perennial grass plants that are often mistaken as trees. Understandable, they can be quite tall.

To be honest with you, I also thought bamboo is a tree.

However, before writing this description and adding a name to the image, I did a quick Google search, so you know… I don’t look stupid in front of you.

Bamboos are grown in many countries in the world, this one was taken on my trip to Arashiyama, a Bamboo Grove. Have you heard of that place?

It’s an amazing place to visit in Japan, very close to Kyoto.

It’s so popular among tourists and photographers who want to go there and take the best picture they can of a bamboo alley alone or a selfie…

But when they get there they quickly realize it’s not gonna be possible to have a clear picture without any people in it. It’s full of tourists.

That’s when you have to be creative, think of how you can take a picture without people in it, or used them in your photograph.

Or maybe you can get there super early and won’t be that busy with people, but I’m not sure… of course, I was there in popular time.

But I succeeded to take some pictures I’m very pleased with and this one is one of them, a closeup picture of a bamboo grass plant. I have this thing in me that loves closeup shots of some details.

Hopefully you too! Feel free to download this picture for free if you need it for your blog or web article, I used it as a background for a quote and I like this picture for this type of use.

Here you have more images from Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, plus some tips for those planning to visit this beautiful spot in Kyoto.

However, if you need a picture of a different plant or flower, please check this collection, where I share my flower-related images.

Closeup of a Bamboo Grass Plant in Arashiyama, Japan

Closeup picture of a bamboo grass plant in Bamboo Grove, Arashiyama, Japan.

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Closeup of a Bamboo Grass Plant in Arashiyama, Japan.

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