Closeup of a Bamboo Grass Plant in Arashiyama, Japan

Closeup of a Bamboo Grass Plant

When travelling to Kyoto it’s a must to travel to Arashiyama, a place where beautiful temples can be found but there is located a very popular Bamboo Grove, a place where you can find many bamboos, those beautiful, tall grass plants. Here is a free closeup picture of a Bamboo plant from this very popular travel destination in Japan.

Fresh Wasabi Root : Free Picture

Fresh Wasabi Root

Akward Description: Fresh wasabi root, for people that like to spice up their lives. Wasabi and horseradish I love them both. A must be next to ginger to accompany my sushi. Apparently, when we go out for sushi we often have horseradish instead of real wasabi. Hmm, that’s a shame but well, it’s ok. I’m […]