Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park in Squamish, Canada
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Pictures from Elfin Lakes Hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park Near Vancouver

One of the best hikes in Canada, which will take you through alpine meadows all the way to beautiful lakes. Elfin Lakes hike is great for photography, full of stunning landscapes, hills and valleys, mountain peaks and a chance of having a refreshing swim in a crystal clear water lake at the end. Here are free pictures from the hike for bloggers and to inspire you to take this adventure trip!

Lighthouse & Moon Conversation in Black & White
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Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

Vancouver has many great places where you can escape the city and enjoy some nature, beautiful sceneries and recharge your “battery”. Sometimes you may find problems where to go, just because there are simply too many choices, but today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite places, not just for photography, but especially to […]