Halloween in Tokyo, Japan: 50+ Costumes from 2018 Halloween in Shibuya

2018 Halloween in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan for Costume and Makeup Inspiration

Halloween, what an interesting time of the year. The trick and tricking and wearing costumes tradition spread all over the world and nowadays we can find people celebrating Halloween all over the world. Even in Tokyo, Japan people love to wear Halloween costumes and create cool looking makeup. There is a chance even if you don’t like to wear a costume yourself, you still like to go out and see how creative people can be when it comes to Halloween outfits.

In this post, I’m sharing some images of Halloween costumes I took in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan in 2018. Shibuya is a very popular and busy district, full of not only Japanese people but many travellers come here to see one if not the busiest crosswalk in the world. Here I share Halloween outfits the Japanese chose to wear in 2018 plus some unique makeup looks.

2018 Halloween Costumes & Makeup Looks Found on the Streets of Shibuya in Tokyo

They can serve you as an inspiration for 2019, 2020, 2021… Halloween parties, but also it’s nice just to see how people dress up for Halloween in different parts of the world. But zombies, police, nurses… they are everywhere and you will also find them here.

No more talking, let’s see costumes that Japanese men and women chose as their outfits…

Halloween Costume of Zombie Couple

Halloween without Zombies? Yeah, right! Zombie makeup can be pretty scary looking, I was really impressed with these two, they did a great job with their makeup!

Halloween Costumes of Walking Dead. Scary Girls

Not sure if it’s a costume from specific movie or anime, but for me it looks like we have two Walking Dead girls. I think these Halloween costumes and a pose is just great!

Halloween Ghostbusters man costume.

I’m sure there is a lot of people out there that remember this great movie from the past – Ghostbusters, released in 1984! It’s same old as me. This man certainly knows good movies and it’s great he brought it back to my attention during Halloween.

Halloween 2 different police costumes for women.

Halloween is full of zombies out there, but there is also a lot of police out there. Sometimes you don’t know if some of them are real police or are Halloween costumes, I’m pretty certain these are costumes, especially if a police officer is turning into a zombie!

Dali Masks & Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Red Suits : Halloween costumes for groups

Great Halloween Costumes! Not only look great on images, but are perfect if you are looking for costumes for group of people. From TV Series – La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), Dali masks and red suits. Guns, guns and more guns… one guy is actually holding a seahorse gun, cool!

Halloween grumpy, disgusted face mask for men.

In real like seeing this man actually affects you. How could he be so grumpy and disgusted? Wait! It was just a mask, but even knowing so, still it had an effect on my brain. Great Halloween mask.

Halloween makeup of half a zombie, half a man.

Great makeup job done here. Half a zombie, half a man… really liked how this Halloween makeup looked on this guy. Would you like to wear it for next Halloween yourself?

Woman in a Japanese dress of a mermaid for Halloween.

I call it Japanese mermaid, showing a sign of a heart. Beautiful dress, a bit maybe like Kimono and I love the heart sign, sending some Halloween love.

Woman wearing Kimono with her brain out, Halloween Costume.

I really like how creepy this costume is and how well she went into her role. This Japanese lady, with her brain out and wearing Kimono can bring chills to your body.

Halloween Costumes of Mario Bros : Luigi, Mario & Yoshi

Looking for Halloween costumes for three people? Mario Bros is the way to go! Cause who doesn’t love them, right? Luigi, Mario and Yoshi are here with us to celebrate Halloween in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan!

Halloween costumes of McDonald's girls!

Another costume for three people, but this one can actually be changed to single person or more than 3 as well. I don’t think McDonald’s sponsored them but oh man, it should! I hope they got at least free Halloween meal at McDonalds!

Halloween makeup, woman with stitched face!

Halloween makeup can be very rich, or also quite simple like this one. Great time to show some skills for makeup artists and I really like how simple and nice this one is.

Halloween female costumes of Taxi drivers.

I’m sure many guys would like to have one of those taxi drivers to drive them home. Beautiful, yellow taxi driver dresses.

Halloween, creepy zombie couple costumes.

Creepy! But in a very cool way. This couple really know how to dress as Zombies for Halloween.

Halloween women costumes for men!

If a man wants to be a woman at least for a day, Halloween is the perfect time for that. These two guys brought it to a different level and I just wonder how many guys asked them for phone numbers that night! Oh, dear Halloween!

Halloween celebrated by 3 women in Beautiful Japanese Dresses.

Time for something beautiful! I really love Japanese dresses and these 3 Japanese ladies perfectly matched their colors and beautiful smiles. For some Halloween is to scare people, for some is to share love and these ladies do it with great style!

2 Beautiful Ladies in Police costumes.

Police officers, bloody police female officers. Covered in blood, but bringing beautiful smiles to celebrate Halloween. Kawaii!

2 zombie women with very interesting white makeup.

More and more zombies… and more to come. White makeup is a great way to go for Halloween, great match for serious faces.

Halloween creepy costumes for girls.

I was very impressed by these 2 girls. They not only put on perfectly done, creepy makeup for Halloween, but the heart and acting was just perfect! They certainly know how to celebrate Halloween. Young, but can scare you!

Halloween Costume of a Terminator

It makes me miss those old, classic movies! Terminator costume, done in such a great way. Great job done by Eddie (Terminator on the picture). Do you think the gun is real, btw?

Bad girl with a baseball bat during Halloween.

She really did a great job to look as a bad girl. Baseball bat? Why not! It’s creepy, but Halloween for adults supposed to be creepy. I’m sorry for my finger on the picture!

2 female hospital patients with bloody head for Halloween.

Two ladies, straight from hospital to celebrate Halloween. Great costume idea for fans of blood.

Bloody nurses costumes for Halloween.

More and more blood. These Halloween Nurses seem pretty happy to be covered in blood. Halloween…

Christian Female Priest Halloween Costume.

We had police, zombies, nurses but it’s time for some Christian priests. It’s not only priest costume out there, more are coming.

Women priests costumes for Halloween. (maidens)

Women priests during Halloween, I guess Maiden is a better way to call a female priest but not sure.

2 female pirates Halloween Costumes.

Pirates! Great idea for Halloween outfit. Again, please forgive me for having my finger on the picture.

Women dressed up as Female Priests for Halloween.

Those ladies put on a great show! They moved from side to side, slowly from side to side and after everyone got hypnotized they run to one person to scare them. Oh it worked so well! Halloween, the only time of the year when “Priests” can and should scare people!

Two men dressed up as Swat Team in Halloween.

Halloween is the time you can be simply anybody. It’s hard to get to a Swat team in life, but during Halloween you can belong to SWAT team without asking anybody for permission. Great costume choice.

Baby dressed up as a Pumpkin for Halloween.

Such a cute baby, I guess he was so surprised cause he had so much attention from everybody in this cute baby pumpkin costume. He certainly seems he was enjoying it!

2 girls with guns as Daddy's Monsters Halloween Outfits.

I’m not quite sure, but these ladies had both written “Daddy’s Monster” on their t-shirts. Certainly they were pointing guns at me with great smiles. Dangerous! Friendly, but dangerous!

Purple and pink Halloween Onesies for Girls.

Onesies are great in my opinion for Halloween, especially if you want to wear something very comfortable! Not sure where those Onesies come from, are they Cookie Monsters?

Group of friends in Japanese anime Halloween costumes.

Ok, I must admit I have no anime knowledge, but it seems this group of friends are wearing costumes from certain anime. I might be wrong. They were very friendly, what you can certainly see in the picture. If you know where the costume come from, let me know, please!

Two girls wearing Little Red Riding Hood Costumes.

Little Red Riding Hood? I believe so! It was a beautiful story and it’s great these girls remember it and dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween!

2 Women Dressed Up as Mean Halloween Female Pirates.

Another female pirates found on the streets of Shibuya. I wonder if her suitcase is full or empty…

Two ladies dressed up as police and army for Halloween.

Police and army cooperating on the streets of Shibuya to find crime or maybe to just have a great time during Halloween.

Cute girls dressed as teddy bears for Halloween.

Wouldn’t you like to be a Teddy bear for Halloween? Beautiful onesies and very friendly girls enjoying their time in Shibuya during 2018 Halloween.

Three different Halloween Costumes in Shibuya Tokyo, Halloween Party.

A dead walking woman, 2-in-1 guy and a jail prisoner came together to celebrate Halloween in Shibuya, Tokyo.

SWAT team member with two women during Halloween in Shibuya.

If you belong to SWAT team, women may fall in love with you instantly, right? Certainly this man could not complain on having wonderful female company during Halloween.

2 Girls dressed up as Army Soldiers for Halloween.

Two army girls that are turning into zombies.

Halloween costumes of M&M's fans.

Do you love M&M’s like these girls do? Sugar maybe won’t turn you into zombies, but it can bring cancer.

Doctors and anime lovers together in Halloween Costumes.

Doctors dressed as doctors? Who knows! On the right side we have some anime fans and all of them are certainly enjoying Halloween together. Good to have doctors next to you during Halloween!

Two ladies in Pirate & Zombie Halloween outfits.

Hmm, I’m not sure but I believe it’s a combination of pirates and zombies. Cute Halloween costumes.

2 men in full body white Halloween costumes.

I’m not sure what these two men wrote on their hats. Two men in white, if you know what they wrote on their hats, please let me know!

2 Japanese men in Shibuya in very unique Halloween costumes.

Dark humor? I believe it’s quite funny, especially when it comes to Halloween in Shibuya, where you can find quite many “gaijin” (foreigners) that do not speak nor can read Japanese. Luckily, my friends explained to me that they dressed up (and wrote) “sperm” on their outfits. Something what many of us, foreigners would not know. Good humor? It’s Halloween, right?

Two ladies as Alice in Wonderland on Halloween.

I believe these two ladies are dressed up as an Alice in Wonderland, first I just thought it was some sort of a “rabbit” related costume, oops!

Halloween women costumes of rabbits, mice or cats?

… and I also thought these two ladies are dressed as rabbits, but more I think… I wonder if they are not cats, or maybe mice. Maybe I’m tired and can’t think straight. I need your help to figure out the costumes here.

A female Nurse Halloween Costume and Man with Hard to Tell Costume

Hmm. Beautiful woman on this picture is wearing a nurse outfit, but I have hard time to tell what is his costume. At the end I know they both were very friendly and positive people! Cheers!

Halloween Nurses Costumes.

It’s always safe to dress as a nurse for Halloween if you have are running out of time or not feeling what to wear. Nurse is always a good choice!

Spiderman Halloween Outfit, Doubled!

But being a spiderman for Halloween, that’s a great choice!

Tree Halloween Costumes for Men.

I love the idea of being a tree for Halloween! These guys not only thought of cool Halloween outfits, the way they posed for the picture was also great, standing free trees!

2 Women in Black & Purple Dresses for Halloween

Cute dresses for Halloween, seems like they might relate to anime, movie or TV Show, if so… please forgive me my lack of knowledge.

Halloween Costumes of Zombie Bears!

These 2 cute girls I call Zombie bears! I believe it’s a good name.

Japanese Halloween Costumes: Zombie in Kimono, Police Outfit and a Nurse!

3 Zombie Women on the streets of Shibuya. Zombie in Kimono, Zombie as a Police Officer and a Zombie Nurse! Great trio!

Halloween Female Costumes for Blood Lovers.

These great ladies know how to pose, know how to drink and they all love blood! Cheers!

That’s it! I hope you liked some of the costumes from 2018 Halloween in Tokyo and they served as a good inspiration for your next Halloween party. Here is a pin for you to share and pin it so you can easily revisit this article when you’ll be choosing your own outfit and/or zombie makeup.

2018 Halloween Costumes and Makeup Looks from Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan for Inspiration

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