2018 Halloween Costumes & Makeup Looks from Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
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Halloween in Tokyo, Japan: 50+ Costumes from 2018 Halloween in Shibuya

If you’re looking for Halloween costume inspiration, or wonder what makeup to wear for Halloween party. Check how 2018 Halloween looked like on the streets of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. Over 50 costumes and makeup looks (zombies, bloody and more) to inspire and help you find a perfect outfit. Women, men and kids will find some interesting ideas so just give it a look!

two pumpkins and the farm

Pumpkins & The Farm

About the Image: Before Halloween, there is a beautiful time called pumpkins season. Isn’t it a good time to share some photos of them? Most probably it’s very common to see this kind of pumpkins, however not for me. I have been to pumpkin farms around zero times in my life, so I always imagined […]