slow down

Slow Down

Akward Description: It’s not because it’s Saturday, it’s not because it’s raining today but it’s because it’s something important and of value to share with you. Today we are slowing down… Not only on the streets, even though it’s a place where we all certainly should pay an extra attention and yup, do not speed […]

picture of speed limit sign 20 km/h

Speed Limit Sign: 20 Km/h

About the Image: Some take speed limits seriously, some do not. I do wish, everybody would be taking them seriously and yes, I mean when driving. 20 km/h I guess mainly found on Neighborhood streets, should be taken more seriously. This post is kind of a saying “be careful” on the streets, bigger or smaller. […]

brick building

Beauty of Bricks

Akward Description: I personally love everything what’s made of bricks. Brick walls? Yes. Fire escape staircase? Yes. It just reminds me of childhood and when I used to watch these US movies where you could enjoy some beautiful scenes that always happen in similar places seen on the picture. Feel free to download this picture […]