pigeons behind the fence

Pigeons Behind the Fence

Akward Image Description: Ok, this one looks like Pigeons are locked behind the fence in some strange… hotel looking thing, which has many rooms, occupied by pigeons. Or simply pigeons got to places, they never supposed to go. Either way, it’s an interesting picture, you won’t find in many places! I like to call this […]

glass apartments

Glass Apartments: high-Rise Building

About the Image: “All-glass” apartment building shot soon after sunset. Most probably the proper name for the building is so different than “all-glass” thing. Nice warmth of the image certainly does make the building look good. It seems like all units are empty and only one has lights on. Download this picture for free and […]

brick building

Beauty of Bricks

Akward Description: I personally love everything what’s made of bricks. Brick walls? Yes. Fire escape staircase? Yes. It just reminds me of childhood and when I used to watch these US movies where you could enjoy some beautiful scenes that always happen in similar places seen on the picture. Feel free to download this picture […]