Vancouver Cityscape: Downtown at Sunset from Stanley Park.

Vancouver Cityscape: Downtown at Sunset from Stanley Park

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Beautiful Canada, and gorgeous Vancouver. There are many beautiful places in Vancouver to take a walk, relax or do quiet anything. One of the places that offer quite everything is Stanley Park, and that’s from where this picture was taken.

Stanley Park and Vancouver’s Downtown have a beautiful seawall, that’s more than 15km long. You can bike, rollerblade or take a walk with a fresh cup of coffee. Or like me, grab a camera and enjoy photography.

This picture was taken from the seawall in Stanley Park, from where we can see Downtown at sunset, where on the left side there is a Canada Place, part of Convention Centre, high rises and yachts.

There are so many yachts and docks to be found in Vancouver, it’s really hard to count them all. When you live in the city it becomes your nature to have them around you. However, for newcomers, the numbers might be shocking.

If you’re looking for a free picture of Vancouver cityscape for your blog, feel free to download this one, or check some other Vancouver-related pictures.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Vancouver Cityscape: Downtown at Sunset from Stanley Park.

Vancouver Downtown in British Columbia, Canada. A cityscape seen from Stanley Park, featuring Canada Place, yachts and high-rises.

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