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Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia is one of the most amazing cities in the world, and why I love this city has a lot to do with the nature around the city. It’s certainly a city for nature lovers and it’s no wonder why the province is often called Beautiful British Columbia. In this post I’m sharing free photos of Vancouver in Canada, so you can use them on your blog or web article. Let’s check them out.

Vancouver Photos for Bloggers

Free Blog Photos of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photos of Vancouver I share with you are free to download and can be used on your blog or web article. Pictures I chosen here are to show the beauty of the city but also some very interesting art pieces you can find across the city, hopefully they will convince you to book a fly ticket and visit this amazing city.

Cambie Bridge & Whitecaps Stadium at Night

Picture of Whitecaps stadium, the soccer team of Vancouver and Cambie bridge on the left. Photo taken from the egde of False Creek, just next to Telus World of Science. Great place for a nice walk and for photography. Download free picture of Whitecaps Stadium & Cambie bridge.

Vancouver Convention Centre

When visiting Vancouver, there is a chance you are talking a nice walk on the Seawall in Coal Harbour, very beautiful spot to enjoy beautiful view of North Vancouver with surrounding mountains, yachts and some houses on water. On this picture from Coal Harbour we can see the new Convention Centre (opened in 2009) and Canada Place, very popular and beautiful building in Vancouver. Download picture of Vancouver Convention Centre and Canada place.

Harbour Air Seaplane

Harbour Air Seaplanes are certainly the way to travel to nearby cities (Victoria, Nanaimo, etc.) and to enjoy beautiful view of the city from the above. Tickets maybe are not the cheapers, but also not super expensive, but the experience will certainly last a while. You can take a plane from Coal Harbour, close to Waterfront skytrain station and that’s where this picture was taken. Download free picture of Harbour Air Seaplanes.

Stanley Park, Second Beach and Vancouver Downtown

Stanley Park seawall, I’m not sure how many times I have enjoyed this place, sometimes walking, sometimes rollerblading and often taking pictures. It’s one of the most popular locations in Vancouver and Stanley Park is often one of the top city parks in the world, and many Vancouverites know why, so do I! On this picture we can see second beach in Stanley Park and part of Vancouver Downtown. Download photo of Vancouver’s Second Beach & Downtown.

Ocean, tree & Vancouver Seawalk.

Picture taken from quite the same spot as the previous one, on a different day, different time and facing the opposite direction. Perfect place for walk, bike ride or for a run. Download picture of Vancouver seawall.

"Totem Pole" of Stacked Cars in Vancouver, BC.

Time for a picture of some art in Vancouver! In this picture we can see the “Totem Pole” of Stacked cars, quite fresh piece of art you can find next to skytrain station line between Main Street skytrain station and Stadium station, just on the edge of False Creek. Download picture of Stacked Cars in Vancouver.

Picture of a very friendly raccoon

When visiting Vancouver first time, you might be surprised how many raccoons you can find here, well not only raccoons but also some other interesting animals. This beautiful raccoon is a resident of Stanley Park and can be found on your visit to Prospect Point, he’s certainly waiting there for tourist to share some treats with him, a very smart guy! Download free picture of raccoon.

Free picture of a sunset in Vancouver, English Bay.

Sunsets in Vancouver can be quite amazing and here is one from Sunset beach which is located just next to famous English Bay. When visiting Vancouver, seawall offers you a great experience to enjoy beautiful sceneries but also to have a good workout on your vacation. Download sunset picture from Sunset Beach.

Vancouver Downtown from Kitsilano

Tired of Downtown, or just want to see what’s out there in the city? Well, head to Kitsilano! A great place with more beaches, more walks and more beautiful sceneries. I forgot to mention that there are some very unique restaurants you can enjoy nice meal. On this picture you can see West End in Vancouver’s Downtown and local mountains from the southern part of the city. Download free picture of Vancouver Downtown & mountains.

vancouver downtown and local mountains

If you want to enjoy a spectacular view of whole Vancouver city I would recommend going to Queen Elizabeth Park. Just jump on the skytrain and within 10 minutes ride from Downtown you should be at the location. Enjoy beautiful sceneries, beautiful garden and a great day out. Download picture of Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver Harbour

Vancouver Harbour and Stanley Park in Vancouver, another shot taken from Coal Harbour walk showing some beautiful boats and yachts. Do you own one of them? Download picture of Vancouver Harbour.

spirit of false creek on granville island

Tired of walking? Consider traveling by boat! Visit many touristic locations quickly by taking a boat ride. Visit False Creek, Granville Island (great place to visit) and some other unique locations quickly. You may want to grab a coffee to go as it makes the experience a bit better. Download free picture of Spirit of False Creek.

vintage brick beautiful buidling

Gastown! Sorry for screaming, but when I think about tourists and the places they should visit in Vancouver, Gastown is a very important location. You can find many beautiful building like this one, but also some other famous pieces, like Steam Clock and many great choices when it comes to bars and restaurants. Oh, and street lamps in Gastown are great, so head to Gastown after sunset for some foodie experience. Download picture of Gastown architecture.

Into the Mountains

I have mentioned about beautiful nature of British Columbia, so I must share some images from some of my favorite hikes from some locations that are great for one day trip from Vancouver. If you have a car, you should certainly enjoy some of them and Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial park is one of the hikes I would recommend to anybody. Beautiful views and you can also take a nice swim in the lake when you reach the top. This picture was taken on the way to Elfin Lakes in about half way. Download free picture of Elfin Lakes hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Mountains covered with snow

Another picture taken on the way to Elfin Lakes, just to show how beautiful sceneries and mountain views you can enjoy while being in the nature. Download picture of Elfin Lakes mountains.

I have shared some images from Vancouver and couple of shots taken in Elfin Lakes (Garibaldi Provincial Park). I also wanted to share with you some images from another hike which is slowly growing to one of the most popular hikes in BC – so please enjoy photographs from this beautiful hike to Garibaldi lake (also in Garibaldi Provincial Park).

If you’re looking for something closer to Downtown and especially a place that’s accesible by public transportation, you certainly should visit Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, which is only 30 minutes bus ride from Vancouver’s Downtown – you will love it there!

If you enjoyed pictures of Vancouver I shared here with you and would like to use them on your blog or web article, please feel free to download them. Please don’t forget to give appropriate credit and link back to a page from where picture was downloaded from or you can link to this post.

Do not forget to enjoy the beauty of Vancouver on your next visit to this beautiful city, and share your wonderful experience with me.

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