"Totem Pole" of Stacked Cars in Vancouver, BC.

Totem Pole of Stacked Cars in Vancouver, BC

Akward Description:

Today I’m sharing with you a picture of a very interesting piece of art you can find in Vancouver, BC. It’s a “Totem Pole” made of stacked cars you can find 2 minutes away from Telus World of Science.

Stacked cars sculpture was created by Marcus Bowcott, the local artist and if you want to read more about this piece of art, please visit here. It’s wonderful to have many different art pieces across Vancouver, they do not only add to the city look but also they teach, help our own creativity and open our mind to see the world through a different perspective, not to mention that they often raise awareness on very important social topics.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk / Sprayedout.com

"Totem Pole" of Stacked Cars in Vancouver, BC.

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"Totem Pole" of Stacked Cars, Vancouver, BC

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