Cambie Bridge & Whitecaps Stadium at NIght

Cambie Bridge & Whitecaps Stadium Cityscape

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A cityscape picture of Vancouver at night. Beautiful Whitecaps stadium, Cambie bridge and the ocean…

Vancouver is an amazing city, I’m sure many of us will agree with that. It’s also a city which can take your energy away and you simply forget to enjoy its beauty. Where was the last time you enjoyed a nice walk and beautiful scenery?

Today I’m giving away this picture taken in beautiful Vancouver, BC. It was captured from the place I love to visit for a nice walk in the False Creek area, where the scenery is amazing. Stadium on the right side is the place where Vancouver Whitecaps play their football (soccer) games and the bridge on the left side is Cambie bridge – one of three bridges connecting downtown with Kitsilano, Broadway and simply saying… south part of the city of Vancouver.

Enjoy the picture and hopefully, it will be useful for your blog post, web article or project, check also other Vancouver-related images available on my site.

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Luke Lawreszuk /

Cityscape: Cambie Bridge & Whitecaps Stadium, City at Night

Vancouver Cityscape from the edge of False Creek area. Whitecaps stadium at-night.

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