Vancouver Convention Centre & Canada Place

Vancouver Convention Centre

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There are many great places here in Vancouver to enjoy a beautiful walk. It’s also a wonderful city where you can find very advanced technologically building. Here we have the Convention Centre, very beautiful from inside and outside. Have you been there?

On the picture, we can see the Convention Centre (opened in 2009), but also Canada Place building on the back, Cactus restaurant with a gorgeous view seen from the sea walk and a nice yacht. Very touristic location recommended not only for visitors but all Vancouverites looking for a great place to enjoy outdoors in the city.

Feel free to download this picture for free and use it on your blog, and find time to enjoy the city of Vancouver, here are some other pictures of Vancouver!

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Luke Lawreszuk /

Vancouver Convention Centre & Canada Place

“Green” roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre and Canada Place in Downtown, Vancouver, Canada.

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