picture of an unique wall

Blue Wall Pattern Background for a Quote/Text

Akward Image Description: Ok, maybe not exactly for Wall Street fans, but some might find it nice! It’s a simply saying, wall… which was very colorful, vibrant, unique and simply abstract, great for backgrounds and with that in mind I’m sharing my picture. Walls, like leaves in autumn… they have a special place in photography, […]

pigeons behind the fence

Pigeons Behind the Fence

Akward Image Description: Ok, this one looks like Pigeons are locked behind the fence in some strange… hotel looking thing, which has many rooms, occupied by pigeons. Or simply pigeons got to places, they never supposed to go. Either way, it’s an interesting picture, you won’t find in many places! I like to call this […]

firefighter thing

The Thing Firefighters Use

Akward Description: Ok, so English is not native language and most probably even if it would be I would just not know the name of this thing – but fire fighters would be most probably the only ones using them if needed. Everybody has it’s own, unique way for expressing appreciation and gratitude. I do […]