Raspberries Closeup View : Free picture for bloggers

Raspberries : Closer Look

Akward Description: Picture of beautiful raspberries found on the market. Is sharing this pictures kind of like promoting healthy eating? Hmm, I hope so. Eat healthy… kids and elders, my small piece of advice. You can also download this picture and use it on your blog or web article, that’s optional, it’s not an advice. […]

Fresh Wasabi Root : Free Picture

Fresh Wasabi Root

Akward Description: Fresh wasabi root, for people that like to spice up their lives. Wasabi and horseradish I love them both. A must be next to ginger to accompany my sushi. Apparently, when we go out for sushi we often have horseradish instead of real wasabi. Hmm, that’s a shame but well, it’s ok. I’m […]

Orange & Oats : Healthy Food Pairing for Breakfast

Orange & Oats : Healthy Food Pairing

Akward Description: You are what you eat. I believe in this saying, that’s why I also believe we should choose wisely what we put in our mouth. When it comes to healthy eating, isn’t breakfast the most important meal? As every meal is important, it’s essential to start the day right and to start the […]

Free picture of an egg, cilantro and avocado sandwich

Tasty & Healthy Sandwich!

Akward Description: I have to admit, I love food! – but that applies to hmmm, so many of us. I also love sandwiches – I believe also… like so many of us. I have just ate, so I will amazing to be posting a picture of a sandwich I made, quite long ago actually, it’s […]

vending machine with chips and sweets

Chips & Sweets : Eat or Not to Eat!

Akward Description: Vending machine with all the “good” stuff some people cannot live without. We all have our own weaknesses, is it one of yours? Sweets and chips… I certainly enjoy chips on some occasions, I hope you enjoy the picture! Enjoy this free picture, and share with me which snack you would choose from […]

fire pizza

Fire Pizza

Akward Description: It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like pizza, at least that’s what I believe in. Personally, pizza is one of my favorite foods however, I try not to eat it too often… for some personal reasons ;). Here we have pizza from Fire Pizza on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC. One […]

oats on a wooden board

Oats on a Wooden Board

Akward Description: Healthy eating is one of the most important things we should follow on, and then I take another slice of pizza. As long as trying to limiting bad food, it’s also important incorporating healthy choices, or simply make “healthy pizza”, but this picture is not about pizza but oats. Oatmeal (oats), one of […]