Free picture of an egg, cilantro and avocado sandwich

Tasty & Healthy Sandwich!

Akward Description:

I have to admit, I love food! – but that applies to hmmm, so many of us. I also love sandwiches – I believe also… like so many of us.

I have just ate, so I will amazing to be posting a picture of a sandwich I made, quite long ago actually, it’s not the one I just ate, however it wouldn’t be much joy posting picture of food on an empty stomach. Now it actually feels great to post the picture of healthy, beautiful looking, great tasting sandwich and I would love you to enjoy it for free on your blog where you most probably are writing about healthy eating, etc. – well that’s just the idea. Have a great day and enjoy this free stock picture of a healthy sandwich!

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Luke Lawreszuk /

Free picture of an egg, cilantro and avocado sandwich

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