Beaf Meat in Shabu-Shabu Cooking Pot : All You Can Eat in Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Shabu-Shabu Beef Meat in a Cooking Pot

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Shabu-Shabu a very unique hotpot dish every meat lover should experience when travelling to Japan. All you can eat experience that will fill up your stomach, something what every meat lover simply must try!

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish. At the table, you will have a cooking pot in which you will cook the vegetables of your choice and all kind of meat you want. All you can eat experience, what means the amount of meat you can enjoy is limitless. You become your own chef, meaning you’re the boss of what you eat! Just take your veggies, take your meat and put them in a cooking pot that’s in front of you. After meat or vegetables are cooked, you will transfer them to the sauce you want and… bon appetit!

When it comes to sauces you can choose from a soy-based sauce, sesame sauce or my favourite… raw egg. Cooked meat and raw egg it’s a combination I first tried in Shabu-shabu and oh, it’s so delicious!

Experienced Shabu-shabu eaters will suggest that you simply start with some veggies and meats, especially meat, meat and more meat! Once you feel quite full, it’s time to put some udon or ramen noodles in the cooking pot to fill those small gaps in your stomach, and of course, at the end, it’s good to get an ice cream to finish the meal.

The experience will cost you around 2000 yen (per person), that’s equivalent to around $18 US dollars, unless you will go for better quality meats (Japanese wagyu and some other choices) which can cost you 4000 yen (approximately $36 US dollars), which is still a great price for unlimited food options. The time you can enjoy your food is varied but usually, you will have 90-120 minutes depending on the place and trust me, it’s enough time. Don’t drink too much though, leave space in your stomach for food!

The restaurant I went to is called “Shabu-sai” and it’s located very close to Ikebukuro station in Tokyo.

Before choosing your restaurant, look for some coupons online, you might be lucky and find 10% off deal, so why not to use it, right?

To be honest, the experience was amazing and I can’t wait for my next time in Shabu-shabu restaurant.

On this picture, you can see beef meat (from the cheapest all-you-can-eat option) just freshly placed in a cooking pot. The meat will be ready in less than a minute!

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Also, please enjoy your Shabu-shabu experience when you’re visiting Tokyo, Japan!

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Shabu-Shabu beef thinly sliced meat in a cooking pot, Tokyo, Japan.

Shabu-Shabu All You Can Eat in Tokyo, Japan : Beef Meat in a Cooking Pot.

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