love lock

An Old Rusty Lock on a Fence

Akward Description:

Is it a “Lovelock” or a”love padlock”? The one that symbolizes love? If it’s so, it should have the initials on the back… maybe it does have it, or it doesn’t, but initials are what love locks have. Anyway…

From a romantic side of view, it could be seen as a love lock. Especially from the romantic, which usually is sad or simply depressing. The lock is not the prettiest one, in my opinion. I love the rustiness on it, and that’s about it. I prefer to see this specific lock as a unique, very interesting, old rusty lock, instead of the other one… I prefer when love is symbolized by a bit prettier locks. Enjoy the picture as certainly, it’s a nice one.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk /

love lock

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